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Thursday, December 07, 2006

School's been good.
Though me and Charlene looked like XMAS TREES on tuesday.
It was deliberate though.
I'm green and she's red.

that aside... Went out with Charlene on monday despite me feeling SUPER DUPER grumpy..
i dont normally bring my emotions to school with me yah.

we had hell lot of a good time at starbucks.(being birds)
And of course teasing other people.

End up buying a piece of PINK top from topshop.
Yes, i did say pink.LOL
i look kinda okay in it. Charlene said its nice..

I still dont think i look good in pink. Black is definitely thumbs up.
Stat's project is finishing soon.
And i have a 1 week break during jan due to Open house. And i already have plans for it.

Han's invited me over to his D&D. I wonder why do they still call it D&D when people dont dance anymore. It should just be called something else?

And he wants to go Genting or Thailand. Ah, im so broke.
How many times do i have to remind myself that i got no money to even buy my handphone. Talk about going overseas. My stupid hp battery has been dropping out quite frequently recently. I think i might just use black tape and tape it.

Pathetic. I know.

I so desperately wanna head over to JB's Jusco this weekend but both james and hans are working.
So i decided to crash over at Hans place till monday.

So its today, fri, sat and sun. 4days. OMG.
But i wanna watch the Korean drama la. so i wanna stayover. =) I feel kinda bad imposing on his parents though..
I'll bring along my thumbdrive and all to do some work as well. Wanna finish the project ASAP so that i dont have to go school next friday. It's the submission deadline.

The POM test today was utter rubbish. I didnt study la, i know. I knew nuts about the stupid paper. I cant even remember the necessary keywords.

This is a very random entry. I'm babbling non-stop.
I suffered from 4 tummyaches in the past 6 hours. If this continue, i think i better go and see doctor.

I love donuts.

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