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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Okay. homeSWEEThome.

Thanks for the concern of many with regards to my toothache. It has improved. Not feeling much of it already. It still hurts but it's a minor tingling sensation. =)

Left school early on Wednesday cause i was meeting up with Hans. Headed to suntec and watched ERAGON. 13th Dec.
The movie was good. Two thumbs up. It it weren't for the short timing, i bet it would have been better, but the show seems fine, not too rush nor too draggy. It's a 1hr 45mins show. Relatively short for a movie based on books. Harry Potter, LOTR, Memoirs of a Geisha, Chronicles of Narnia etc are all at least 2 hours.

But there' still 2 more to go.
And Death Note 2 is to be released on the 28th Dec. HOORAY!
at least i have something to do during this term-break.

Headed over to Hans house for the BBQ dinner.
That stupid man thought i was feeling shy.
I merely felt awkward. So out-of-place. Why the hell was i invited.
The auntie, the cousins, the grand mother, even the great-grandmother.
Plus i cant understand hokkien at all.
I'm thankful IM a Cantonese.

My toothache got pretty bad on Thursday. I got my toothache while i was at Hans house the previous day, but it got worse on Thursday. Didn't stay for POM tutorial cause of the long break + the toothache.

Decided to head over to Hans house cause i remembered i wanted to watch KING KONG.
The 1st 30mins of the show is so redundant. SUPER redundant. I almost thought i was watching the wrong show.

didn't attend school on Friday, but my toothache was getting from bad to worse. Had tuition in the late morning. I love teaching students that are already literate. HAHAHAHA
met up with joa at MAC(admiralty) to pass her the HDD. Chatted over my lunch cause i was feeling super duper hungry.

Hans drop by my place soon after for god-knows what reason. My niece cried upon seeing him. HAHAHA he is not likeable by babies. My niece is a super friendly baby okay! (ask joa and ying.)

Watched Accept and Devil Wears Prada before heading out to Outram to meet up with the sunglasses guy. Like finally. Had dinner with his family at SMOU.
Had to keep biting on my right side cause the pain from my toothache is unbearable whenever force is being applied.

Chatted on msn and then something happened.
I lied about something stupid and after we hung up, i went to shower.
Decided to SMS Hans to confess about the stupid lie i made.
After 3 smses, he called me up saying he reached my place.
That silly boy rushed down after we hung up the call.
So cute la. Funny yet touching.

Since he came all the way here, i thought might as well just stay over at his place then, don't make it a wasted trip ma. (petrol expensive!)
The mom was surprised i was in his room. I swear i would have lied to his mom by saying i had been hiding in his closet. HAHAHA but better don't la.

Sent the parents and the brother to Pasir Ris cause his brother going in to NS liao.
We had 4 hours before we meet up with the parents, so we went to Tampines Mall and watched DE JAVU.
The movie's not bad. Kinda cool, wasn't something that i had expected.

And now IM home. =)
Just a couple of pics to end this entry.

Pictures from Miss Lem's wedding. The bride is in purple.(my fav color!)
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The Guys.

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Us again. my hair looks weird.

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the girls.

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Us without the bride.

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Hans at Starbucks with my raspberry cream frappe.

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Me with super messy hair. I think my fringe is getting long!

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Me and Charlene.

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Till then. TATA

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