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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This will be a TUESDAY post. Cause I realized I took 1.5hours to blog the previous entry.
And partly cause I was talking to my friend on msn.

I had a short "holiday" at han's house.
HAHAHA, I was itching to watch the Korean drama that I didn't get to watch finish, and since there's no school on Friday and Monday, might as well head down and crash over.

Went home on Thursday, showered and packed a couple of items while waiting for Hans to pick me up. Brought more clothes and lingerie of course.

Woke up on Friday. I somehow don't remember having breakfast. HAHAHA
I only remembered I was inside the master bedroom, chatting with the mom about branded handbags. And drooling over them of course.
So pretty la. I like the one from AIGNER.
Hans left for work soon after. Only me and the mother at home. LOL

I then proceed to watch the Korean drama. The mother fell asleep while watching it.
Had a little teabreak where we ate DUA BAO.(big pau).
The mother went to make a phone call and came back out to ask me

yah, we left the house 30mins later heading down to orchard.
Chanel, Gucci, Dior blah blah...
She bought a DIOR charm black handbag.
Pretty. =)
Nothing much caught my eyes. I still like that Aigner handbag that I saw in the magazine.
Spend the afternoon in town with the mother instead of writing my Stat's report.

Dabao dinner home.
Ate alone cause I was trying to do my report. Couldn't finish it cause I didn't have the necessary analysis.
So I'll have to wait till Tuesday night before I can complete it. Managed to draft up the Introduction though.

Continued watching the Korean drama till Hans came home.
Went to sleep after that.

Woke up on Sat morning and headed out to Tony Roma's for lunch.
Came back and took an afternoon nap.
Everybody was sleeping in the car while on the way back. HAHAHA

I conveniently slept with my contact lens on. HANS DIDN'T REMIND ME TO TAKE IT OUT. Gosh. I woke up with my eyes feeling extremely dry and tired and blur.
Had to pinch and pinch before I managed to "peel" the contact lens out. Damn disgusting la.

Hans went out for work while I was chatting with the mom and brother about HANDBAGS.
I then chatted with the mom about the growth of her 2 kids? HAHAHAHA
3 hours of chatting you know.
And had some chocs too. From chocolat factory in vivocity.

Headed back to the room and slept on Hans bed. Finally no need to fight. HAHAHAHA
fell asleep without knowing it. I kept eating chocs the whole night cause I was so hungry. =(

Han's car engine was so bloody loud, it woke me up on Sun morning la. I know its his because I went to the window and saw his the yellow car.
Okay, partly cause IM a light sleeper. His engine is very loud also okay.
Had breakfast and I did the washing up cause the mother had to go out.
The father went out for GOLF? Leaving only me, Hans and the brother at home.
Hans was sleeping, the brother was err in his room doing I duno wad...
And IM in the guest room WATCHING THE KOREAN DRAMA.

Watch until early evening before we headed out to meet the mother and went over to Simply Peranakan Cuisine for dinner. Hans desperately wanted to use his $30 voucher that he won from the appreciation dinner night.

The food was okay. Quite nice la. Can go there one day.

Went back and continue to watch my Korean drama. LOL I wanted to finish it badly. Since Hans was home, I got to watch in the guest room la. Plus the room no DVD player and the com cannot run the DVD smoothly.

Hans kept coming over to disturb me though he wanted to sleep early cause he got IPPT the next day. Watched till almost 1am and Hans pop by again. Finished the show and he tucked me into bed. SO WEIRD LA.

slept till 12pm the next day. HAHAHAHAHA
Headed out to Sakae Sushi for LUNNER. Ate so much I nearly died.
Went to buy groceries at Carrefour. I love to buy groceries, its so interesting?

Sent me home after all the groceries buying.

Just realized I didn't need to do my stats tutorial. HOW DUMB.
But I got 2 tuition tmr. Before my class, and after my class. HAHAHAHAHA

good idea huh???
what a great weekend.
SUPER BORING cause I didn't do anything fun. But I managed to watch finish the Korean drama.
I cried a lot towards the end cause it was so heart-wrenching.

Now, I wanna sleep. I'm suffering from terrible bodyaches for duno what reasons.
Oh, and I got the GUESS? Watch thanks to somebody.

WEE but its white, cannot wear it on daily basis.
I shall keep it and wear it on special occasion.
Thank you, you know who you are!

Time to sleep.

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