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Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm stuck at home.
Probably not going for the private sales cause poor joa is down with an eye problem.

And now i'm waiting for the idiotic *ahem* james to give me a call/sms.
If he does reply me by 3pm. I shall head off to the private sales alone.

And then drop by Joa and see if she's fine.
Poor girl.

Tomorrow's miss Lem's big day. Finally she's getting married.
My stomach is growling.
I need food and my mom's not home. I'm too lazy to whip up some stuffs.
If i continue to laze around. I'd most prob end up baking cookies.

Haven't bake in the longest time.
I feel like eating Burger King. and Pepper Lunch.
And many many other things.

I need a holiday.
A shopping holiday. Why the sales in Msia haven start yet!
Bangkok is fine too. Need my mom to teach me a couple of handy conversational thai.
So disgraceful la. I cant speak thai for nuts.

*oh, james just sms me. he's not that idiotic anymore!

And if i find myself FAR TOO LAZY to do anything.
I'd just play games the whole day, sleep and then hit the books.
Need to act guai and study a bit la.
Considering i just got my allowance from papa.
And he haven't reimburse me for the 2 months season parking i bought for him leh!

Always eat my allowance money one!
I'm broke. SO BROKE.
i cant even buy myself a new phone.

I feel the urge to cry.
and i got xmas gifts to buy.

I really think i am suffering from

can somebody buy me my handphone pls.
N73 in black.

i wanna cry le la!
James just said earliest he can meet me is 6..
Hmm shall go for the private sales then.

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