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Monday, December 11, 2006

Hmm.. Quite a couple of stuffs to update.
Tonnes of photos that I haven't been uploading. So photo feast first..
Then I shall update about my mundane weekend.

That day( I really dun rmbr which day)...
Wore blue to school,cause I realized I haven't worn a blue top for a LONG LONG TIME. Blue is my favorite color since primary school. (though my classmates used to call me tomboy, partly cause I like blue.)

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Took the picture in school. In class I think. AND you can see my GIANT SIZE PIMPLE. It took almost 2 weeks for it to recover. No squeezing, I kept washing my face.
I even scrub my face EVERYDAY(highly not recommended), the skin on my nose showed signs of peeling and then I stop scrubbing my face. I used St. Ives apricot Scrub.

I'm sure you guys remembered me asking about the cutting hair thing.
I DID snipe off 5 inches. Of the front part of the hair, so now I got more fringe.
I even took pictures to scare my friends. =)

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CHARLENE took the 3rd picture cause she thought I looked EMO EMO. HAHAHA
I know I look chubby in the 1st 2 pics. If I had short hair, I would look like that.
Hans, Joa and James did get a fright. HAHAHAHA
but the 4th pic is how my hair looks like now. Hard to see la. And that's my classmate Ezann.

Saturday. ( I'm very sure its Saturday.)
Cause joa woke up with a sore eye. And the PTE sales was on Saturday.
Walked to the MRT station and found out that MRT service was disrupted. There's no trains going to town via woodland. Meaning, I cannot take train to Joa's house.
And the bus-stop for 912 IS TOO FAR AWAY.
So I took a cab! Like always.
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Headed over to the PTE sales held just opposite her block. Collected my ELF MAKEUP.(finally) and bought a couple more. HOHOHO
Slacked and waited for James to pick me up.
That fella MADE ME WATCH SAW 3!
gosh, its utterly disgusting. Oh yes, my eyes were hardly at the screen. And that fella refuse to let me cover my eyes nor ears!!!
But I did manage to watch the show la. I still think its psychotic.
ITS PSYCHOTIC LA. Okay IM not a fan of gorish and bloodish shows la.

Went to balcony for a quick drink. Felt so sleepy, he sent me home la.
OH ya, he finally got his car. Have I mentioned that I don't really like tuscani, but i do not not like tuscani.
HAHAHAHA. i know i contradict. Who cares.

This is going to be a super long entry. GOSH.

Sunday was Miss Lem's wedding.
Prepared, did some makeup and left my house. I didn't get to wear my pink dress still.

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Black lacey top, and brown skirt.
And that's a new necklace i bought from the pte sales. It reads "ASTONISHING"

Miss Lem was really pretty on that day. =)
And her husband reminds me of Hans. Fair fair and big size. HAHAHA!
Chatted a little with the guys and girls.
People who turned up from 4 Intergrity 2003 includes
ME(SHARMAIN), Joa, Ying, Qi, Nana, Garvin, Gang, Martin.

Martin said i lost weight. HOHOHOHO
10 more days and i shall weigh myself again(21 Dec)

Took a cab to bedok station to wait for Hans to pick me up.
Was feeling utterly superbly grumpy, and i had to wait so long under the freaking hot sun.
But he soon arrived, in his messy hair and his sleepwear. HAHAHAHA
that poor guy didn't even have time to prepare.

I wore his police cap while waiting for his brother
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its too big la. LOOK AT THAT PIMPLE! *faints

Went to fetch his brother also den head over to his house.
Went out with his parents for dinner, headed down to CWP to get his phone and den homesweethome.
Got so fed up cause he said he wanted to wait for me den buy a new phone together.
WTF la. So pissed off.

School again on Monday. Went to town to shop with Charlene. Bought a PINK top.
HAHAHA and we bought a lot of things. (MY BIRD FLEW AWAY)
inside joke inside joke.

Anyway, we decided to wear shorts and heels to school the next day.
She kept wanting me to wear my pink top.
Picture this in your mind and tell me what it looks like
Pink spag top. Denim shorts. 3 inch heels.

Kept trying clothes the whole night as we were discussing about what to wear the next day...
I even tried my pink dress, which i have yet to wear after 2 months?

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I decided to wear my green top the next day. Wear dress to school only abit kua zhang right. =)

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I love doing my own makeup. It's so fun.
And i tell u, Charlene is crazy la. She kept looking at my boobs.

oh and this is my dear Charlene...

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spastic? She's just cute la.

Thursday was normal. I wore PINK!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
CAN U ALL SEE THE WORDS? i didn't re-size it, so i hope u all can see the words.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Hans love the last pic. He used it as a wallpaper in his phone somemore
But i don't think its nice leh. HOR HOR HOR???

And now that weird fella want a picture of both of us. CRAZY. i think he's mad.
hmm, i think i shall separate both entries. If not it'll be superbly long.
i love pictures. WEE

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