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Friday, November 17, 2006

A lot of private stuffs have been going on.
But there is no need to be mentioned here in details.
Friends and family are doing well, though there's handful that i miss like crazy.
Mainly the ex-colleagues from indochine.
Somehow, in one way or another, they have become so deep-rooted in me.

On the other hand, life hasn't been that smooth-sailing due to a couple of quarrels.
Correction, due to a couple of problems that existed long ago but i hardly bother to give much attention to it, because i hope that these problems will just fade away.(naive, i know)

But sometimes, the worst thing that can ever happen to yourself,
Is living in your own shadow. Living in a memory where it's filled with terrible and haunting past memories that u cannot leave behind.
Walking down this dark memory lane everyday is eating my strength and my mental health.

Sometimes, it's so hard to have to be somebody that u are not.
It's become so hard for me especially.
I always made myself looked so strong on the outside, and now, its so difficult for me to just breakdown and cry in front of anybody.
How i wish i can be a crybaby. Reliant and dependent on others.

When you have come so far down this road.
There is no turning back. You just got to live with it, and most importantly, move on.

A very important man in my life once told me
"don't live in the past, we all got to move on"
dear you-know-who-you-are, i tried to make this statement come true, but won't you help me out?(then again, he probably doesn't even read this blog, hohoho)

Trip to desaru was unfortunately cancelled. And i have a very funny feeling about it somehow or another. I hate it when i receive such weird vibes and messages from god-knows-where.

Anyway, I'm so full right now, i cant even anymore.
Bought a couple of leather liners for my shoes. Hate it when they bite me.
My eyes are so tired. I need to rest soon.

love : sweetest joy, wildest woe. Don't you agree?

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