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Monday, November 20, 2006

I was contemplating if I should blog.
should be sleeping already but aint feeling sleepy yet.
Slept too much in the early afternoon.

AC test tmr, but I couldn't find anything to study.
I'm not boasting. This sem AFA and last sem's POA have some over-lapping topics.
Plus its accounting basics.
So I took 2 mins to flip through the 1st 2 chapters and I'm done.

Festive season is drawing near. Gotta start saving up.
But I'm spending so much la. Look at my waiting list.
Plus my XMAS wishlist.
I cant stop buying.

I have clothes not worn yet. Shoes not worn. Bags not used.
OMG. I can think of selling them away already.
Light bag for tomorrow's school.
We're having Show and Tell for tutorial.
Since me and Charlene, we're doing a skit-cum-ppt presentation. We don't need anything else.

Plus, will be staying out tomorrow. Can't carry a heavy bag.
The giant bump on my shoulder is still giving me terrible aches. (Think:blue-black)
I'm still very tempted to purchase that skirt from FOX despite resisting the temptation for 2 days in a row already.

I hope I wont see it tomorrow. OR BETTER YET, no more size. LOL
*slaps myself*

I hope somebody can freeze my bank account. Maybe leaving a sum of $100 bucks for emergency uses.
And I cannot imagine the look on my dad's face when the statement come.

IM SUCH A SPENDTHRIFT LA~!!! (anyway, IM still pretty confused over the usage of the word SPENDTHRIFT. It means that u are a person who spends a lot without thinking right. But I've seen pple using it such that it means u don't spend ur money unnecessarily. Ok, I'll check now)

a person who spends possessions or money extravagantly or wastefully; prodigal. –adjective
wastefully extravagant; prodigal.

okays, so its correct.
time to try and sleep.
some pics of me before I i go.
or should I i say ONE PICTURE OF MYSELF before I i go.

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