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Thursday, November 16, 2006

I overslept today and skipped the 1st lesson of the day
Business Software. A 3 hours lab lesson.
Woke up at 945am and realized that I'm having a 10am lesson(thurs) instead of a 2pm lesson(tues).
Checked to see if my alarm clock rang. (in case I was so tired I didn't notice my alarm has went off.)
The alarm was set at 830PM.
Gosh. Made a phone call to my classmates to tell them not to wait for me and that I'd be absent for that lesson.

I guess I have inherited Yvonne's blur genes(though I cant deny that I am pretty muddle-headed at times).
Boarding the wrong bus to tuition on Tuesday. And now this.

That aside. The results for our previous ICA (biz software) was released and I was on msn with yvonne. So she told me that my group (me and mei ying. Its pair work) got the highest in class. 49/50.
HEE. i won't be expecting full marks cause we did have one minor error.

But 49/50. HEE, IM impressed.

Anyway, quickly left for school at 1115am cause i was hungry and wanted to join the girls for lunch.
Damn, the lesson today was only 1hour. O.o

Had a loooooooong 3 hours break.
Decided to discuss about our Account project so that we don't have to stay after school to finish it up. And yes, we finished it in 45mins? Just a little bit more touch up to go. Now i can enjoy my mini-getaway in peace. ( though I'd be thinking about the damn accounts ICA on Monday!)

Err, yes. I'm heading over to Malaysia this weekend for a short getaway. =)
Hopefully, i can come back and start anew. (highly not possible)
But i finally get to go kart! Triple yay!

Charlene wanted to visit popular at Yishun to check out some books for her friend. So we went to Northpoint and the glutton in me, wanted to have starbucks again.
And us 5 being hungry and all, bought sushi from sushi deli and ate at Starbucks. LOL
only me and Charlene had starbucks.
And according to her, she told me that an Indian young boy was checking me out.
LOL!! Young boy! I'm not interested in young boys...
but that was certainly pleasing and disgusting to my ears anyway.

Anyway, i bought a book from Popular and there was 20% discount for it. So its only $10.30.
Eragon. I know the movie is coming out. I just realized that the book has a 2nd part to it name ELDEST( the book I've been dying to buy).
So I'd finish up Eragon, watch the movie once it's released and then read eldest.

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Talking about books. I've yet to finish up SEVENT ANCIENT WONDERS.

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Bought it in Thailand for 420Baht. More expensive than Sg. But i HAD TO BUY IT. Cause i needed it to cure my boredom while in the village.
It's a really good book. And I'm finishing it. 3/4 throught already.
Here's what the story is about :

"Two thousand years ago, it was divided into 7 ancient piece and hidden within the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Now, with imminent arrival of a rare solar event, it must be found again and reassembled.
Led by archaeologist and soldier, Jack West Jr, a team of nine brave men must discover the modern-day locations of the 7 ancient wonders and unlock their secret. But the odds are stacked against them : entire nations are also after this legendary prize.
From the swamps of Sudan, to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, to the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the quest begins.
Before it is over, for the 1st time in history, the secret of the 7 ancient wonders will be revealed and the future of the world changed forever."

It's much better than that. It's interesting.

Finally received the pair of denim shorts from GAP. It took like forever to arrive. But it's fantastic. Perfect size. Not too tight, not too loose. In fact, its JUST NICE.

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Some would have already know that i am pretty upset about my Guess? Watch.

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It's still working. The clock is still ticking. But the condition is pretty bad, it looks like its from the garbage bin.
The leather is spoiling and something has dropped out(i duno how to explain wad thing iszit).
Changing the leather costs about 40bucks. And the service centre is only opened on Mon-Fri from 10am to 4pm.

So, I've decided to buy 2 replacement watches for the time-being. Until i save enough to buy myself another Guess? Watch.

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In the meantime, IM lusting for this 2. Wonder if they are available in Singapore.

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Why dont they have it in black!! But nevermind. they are so pretty!!!
Looks like i have something up on my Xmas wish list already.
Check out the wishlist on my navi bar. HEEHEEHEE!!!

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