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Sunday, November 26, 2006

I love donuts.
They make me happy and jump for joy.
WS and Hans probably experienced my joy and delight last night.

Hans bought me 6 donuts from JB. DUNKIN` DONUTS.
4 of them are already gone as of right now.

So sleepy right now...
Had my dose of double coffee and I'm still sleepy...
I need some new break-through in coffee history.
One that works for coffee drinkers like me where normal caffeine has no effect liao.

I hope i can finish most of my projects ASAP. i wanna have a relaxing 2 weeks break. Others might have no life and keep working on projects but hey, i want a break okay. Keep studying will make me go insane.

I hate everybody right now. I'm trying to lose weight and they keep buying all the nice food to make me put on weight...

Okays, cycling session with James soon.
James, make it really soon pls. I don't want to keep slapping fats onto myself la!

Gosh, James is like my other buddy now. HOHOHOHO

Yesterday after seeing Ade with her new short hair style.. MAKES ME WANNA CUT MY HAIR AGAIN!!!
cut? Don't cut?
i miss short hair leh... i miss how i can leave home and not worry at all. Now, at least i need to comb it sometimes...

SHOULD I CUT MY HAIR SHORT? Not trim it short but CUT it short.
Let me know okays!


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