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Saturday, November 11, 2006

I haven't blogged a single proper entry for ages.
Lots been going on. ALOT.
i have been found to be too lazy to blog.
Plus, this place hardly has any decent privacy.

But still, there's people that i havent meet up for quite some time.
Lot's of changes. Not very significant to others, but to me.
People coming into my life.
Making their presence felt, so on and so forth.

School is good, like it has always been.
More hanging out with my friends.
I so totally miss my Indochine colleagues.
I miss them so much.
Adelene, Resh, sya, johan, tini, so on and so forth.
Let's all go balcony soon. AISYAH CAN U SEE THIS?
lets all go balcony soon!!!

Starbucks is becoming an addiction...
So is shopping. But i've died down a little on shopping due to cash restrains.
Spend too much liao. HAHAHAHA

and my new dress has arrived!
need to find a terrific occassion to wear it.

and i was reminded that
i cannot celebrate CNY next year.

okays, im lazy.
pictures for now.

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