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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hmm. Been out almost the whole of this week. And I'm so tired.
Quite a handful of pictures.
Headed out to town with the entire clique(less ee chin) to hunt for lynda's present.
Charlene, Mei ying and I left for Orchard first cause we were craving for BK.
But we ended up at Pepper Lunch instead. =)

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Made the pictures smaller so that you guys won't drool. In case some of you haven't eaten yet(like myself!)

Joined the rest of the mates at Lucky plaza and headed off to find the present.
Me Yvonne and Meiying with Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger respectively!
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I know tired though. Maybe the AFA test and the Show and Tell in the morning drained me of my energy.

We all finally settled on the presents and left for Taka for coffee cause me and Charlene needed some coffee and we didn't want starbucks no more.
We 7 ended up at The coffee club beside kino.
Hilarious things started happening and lots of funny and crappy pictures too.

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We all soon went out separate ways. I linger around with Charlene and Ezann at Hereen before making my way briskly to Vivo.
Met up with James for Step up. Like i already mentioned, it nice.
Nachos with cheese is heavenly. JAMES WO AI NI LA! (u know wad i mean la hor...)

*my dad suddenly barged into my room and i lost my chain of now.. Where was i...

okay. We had our dinner at Thai express cause somebody wanted to eat Thai food. No doubt I'm sick of Thai food, but okay la.. i still give in to you guys when you all want to eat Thai food.

Sent me home as usual. But i really didn't think it was necessary cause it's very INCONVENIENT for him, now that his car is in the workshop. Punggol and Woodlands is not anywhere near you know. Especially if you take the public transport.
I think SMRT should have a direct line from NORTH to NORTH-EAST.

Now, let me hiao a bit okay. =))
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Tuesday was school as per normal. I hate GAEL LEE LA. But other than that, it was school all the way till 7pm. Went out for dinner at this BOTAK JONES place in AMK. The portion was so big. I couldn't finish la. I was filled up to my throat already.
Lazed around and went home.

Had one hell of a heart-wrenching phone call which left me in bulks of tears. And of course James tried to console me la. But he kinda failed la, but still, he provided me with some useful information which i had already know, but in more details which i don't know. Thanks anyway! And joa was sleeping soundly in her comfy bed while i was crying like some fucked up whore.

Only managed to sleep for about 3 hours and i got to wake up and head for school. Had to wear my glasses cause my eyes were SWOLLEN. Used tonnes of concealer to hide it. I love makeup.

Lessons was short. I made my tuition 1 hour earlier den normal. So that i have less roaming time and my stupid lecture ended 1 hour earlier den usual. FUCKED up right. Roamed around Northpoint. Had intention to buy some water from cold storage cause i was feeling thirsty but i duno how or why. I bought Vanilla milkshake from Mac instead.

SO SINFUL. i was on deliberate starvation and Milkshake is definitely a no-no in the stupid diet. I drank half of it and threw the rest away. DUMBASS.

Met up with Joa cause i desperately needed to tell her the good/bad news. Talked about it over dinner at Sakae and i ate quite a hefty sum la. *pulls hair. But i teared as i was telling her "the story". Uncontrollable la. But things are pretty much okay liao. I'm fine. =))

I finally managed to rest on Thursday. Headed home after school and relaxed.
Took a 1.5hours bath.
My mom thought i fainted/slept inside the toilet. But in actual fact, i was sitting down. I took a chair and placed it inside the toilet cause i wanted to sit down. I'm weird, i know.

Friday was another uber short day. 2 hours POM lecture where nobody was paying attention to her. Poor lecturer. But i think she enjoys entertaining herself, cause she's not bothered that we aren't listening to her.
Our stats lab lesson was pretty short. Our stats project topic has finally been settled. Proudly done by Meiying, Yvonne and myself.
We went to our tutor like 5 times before this topic finally got approved. All the brain juices for one powerful signature of hers.

School was over and i met up with joa last min while she was waiting for MX. Gossiped even more la. I then headed over to Hans house cause we were going out. Stupid rain.
But from NYP to his place only $5 leh! So cheap.

Headed over to VIVO city for movie and dinner. Ate sushi tei (sushi again), and we had Haagen Das for dessert. I KNOW ITS SINFUL. Okays. I'd eat lesser now okay.

I love watching movies. But sometimes, you might wanna think about watching ur foul mouth. Cause firstly, i had already watched that movie, and i was just being nice to watch it again. And you got the cheek to say wad u said to me. Men are just fucked up creatures.

Went home feeling irritated and frustrated and all.

Meeting up with Ade in a couple of hours to take something. She's giving me a 20% FOX voucher. And i gotta return her my locker key. I don't wish to go down to indochine anymore. I think i need to steer clear of that place.

Till then,
just look at the pics.

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