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Thursday, October 05, 2006

my trip to HKG was FANTABULOUS!!!

and especially for GLUTTONS like us. you should never miss going to hkg.
the shopping is not ALL THAT CHEAP.
even before u bargain. the prices are already pretty steep.
Singapore-prices i would say.

But u can always lay your hands on a couple of dirt-cheap items.
Since most of our brands here are HKG brands(esprit, G2000, giordano, baleno etc etc...)
you most certainly get those products at a cheaper price there.

so let me start my HKG log.
the exchange rate is about 4.9. I always round it off to 5 to make calculations much easier.
So 1SGD = 5HKD.

Let me start my HKG trip. =)

Arriving in HKG.
Our plane landed and we soon made our way to the arrival hall.
The funny thing is, you have to take a skyline train from the "landing hall" to the arrival hall.
Bet the airport is some distance away from the aircraft landing site.

After we had met up with our agency to confirm our itineray. I then made my way to my 1st destination.
Toilet is VERY important. You wont want to visit a local toilet to realise that instead of getting tissue/toilet paper, you are given a "ass-washing shower head" thingy instead.

And my my, their toilet is FUCKING BIG.
They have about 30 cubicles in the toilet in their arrival hall!!!
And to make the ladies even happier!!!

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a dressing area for u to do your makeup, hair etc etc...

ISNT IT GREAT. no wonder they were the best airport in 2005.

anyway, we headed over to our hotel (Dorsette Seaview) which had the PERFECT LOCATION.
we are situated in Yau Ma Tei which is in the middle of Kowloon island.

And for the rest of the day (30/9), we walked everywhere that is in kowloon island.
We first walked from our hotel to temple street.
It's still early(around 3pm) and the shops werent open yet.

The map is pretty unreliable because its so confusing and jumbled up.
So we just WALKED.

Settled down for dinner soon after and continued with our walking.
Ended up at Tsim Sha Tsui.
They have a whole lot of shops.
Their watson is so unlike singapore's watsons.
The watson in HKG sell things that department stores sells. For example, BRANDED MAKEUP.
no im not referring to maybelline, za or revlon.
I'm referring to ESTEE LAUDER, DIOR, SHU UMERA!!!!
they have their own little corners in a WATSON store!!!
Their watsons store is about 2 levels high?

Walked down hoping to find some proper shopping centre and all we saw was.
so instead of having shopping centres in a building format. We have it in a SHOPHOUSES format.
And its called PARKLANE.
A whole stretch of boutique shops ranging from office wear to sports wear to children's wear etc...
And i think the entire stretch is perhaps as long as walking from CK TANGS to CENTREPOINT.
i believe there are about 100 boutique shops along that entire stretch.
And to make it worse, they arent single storey. These shops are DOUBLE STOREY!!!!

Made a u-turn and went back to Temple street.
The shops are now opened and to my disappointment, there was nothing much.
I only managed to get myself one white leather-like GIGANTIC size tote bag at 70HKD.

Like i've mentioned, the prices are very Singapore-like.
Only a few penny cheaper.
The bag cost like SGD14. But normally you can get bags at about SGD19.90.

We went back to the hotel and realised that it is only 8pm!!!
we cant sleep. We cant do anything.
So we took a short rest, and this time, we made our way to LADIES STREET!!!!
Walk walk walk.
We ended up in MONGKOK!!!!
Where ladies street is situated. I was so anxious and excited to visiting ladies street.
But again, it was quite a disppointment.

Unlike thailand, there is very little variety of items. I think Bugis Village is much better den them.
Though they do have a couple of unique items.
Hoping to go on a shoe-feasting spree. i only ended up with 1 pair of green wedges.
One that i have been eyeing, and could have made the purchase online, but it was too expensive.
Managed to get it at the ladies street at about 60% of the original price.
And i also managed to get myself 2 belts at about HKD80.

That was all i got for myself from Temple Street and Ladies Street.
Disapointing but there was nothing i could do.

Walked around Mongkok.
and then, my nose started to twitch.
Twitch really badly.
I SMELL....................................

it WAS GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTt...........................
HK is not only about fashion, but its also about TERRIFIC FOOD!!!
They have alot of funny food.
Octopus, pig's intentines, fish eggs they called it, but its actually fish balls.
and alot alot others.

We bought a few of them and started munching away.

Walked around mongkok where u see ALOT OF THINGS again.
Roads are closed at night for the night markets.
Shopping centres are still opened at 10pm at night.
And the crowd is SCARY!
lots of people EVERYWHERE. turn right, turn left... EVERHWHERE...

My eye caught a red logo which reads ESPRIT and i walked right straight into the shop.
It wasnt the esprit warehouse i was looking for.
obviously its much cheaper.
Its a HKG brand, and its having a sale!!!

I got myself 2 tops, 1 pair of shorts and 1 green tote bag.
Whereas hans got himself some tops and a pair of pants.

Headed back to the hotel after that since we had to wake up early the next day for our 1/2 day tour.

That's about all for the 1st day.
Will blog about the remaining days in the next few days!
in the meantime, i managed to get more gifts for more people this time round!!!

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