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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

its already tuesday.
time flies...

school started and so far it has been good.
'cept that the modules im taking this sem is outrageouly DRY and boring.
and the tutors i get aint gonna make it up for it.
so its going to be SUPER DUPER boring.

what a great way to start off a new sem.
Right on the very 1st day of school,
i left my house and upon reaching the traffic light, i realised i left my lanyard at home.
Made a u-turn and decided to head home to get it.
Upon reaching my void deck, i realised that
I had forgotten my bunch of keys as well.
To make it worse, my keys is in my room which is locked and im the only one with the keys to my room.

I have locked myself out.
Dumbest thing that could ever happen on the 1st day.
Thank god the lecturer was nice enough to make me present, on account that its the 1st day.

Met up with joa after school to head down to town.
Needed some new nail polish and went to the face shop.
Bought 3 reddish-base colors which i really liked.
Walked around a little more and headed home soon after.

I was sooooo tired(for duno wad reasons) and ended up sleeping in the train throughout the journey home.

Watched the 1st 2 episodes of Princess Hours. It's nice though.
But i quickly reverted back to watching Ouran.
*imitates Renge-kun

anyway. woke up in time for my 2pm lesson today.
overall it was okay.
just that i forgot to bring my pencil case today.
i remembered everything. even my umbrella.
but i forgot my pencil case.

and for no rhyme or reason, i was made the module rep for Effective Writing.
Headed down to PS and bought quite a handful of items.
2 tanktops
1 eyeshadow brush
1 mascara
1 eyeliner

Made my way down to Little india to meet up with hans for supper.
I swear, the guys were literally undressing me and raping me with their bare eyes.
And the most unfortunate incident of all was that

i was at the void deck of this HDB building directly opposite the Rochor NPC.
and i was waiting PATIENTLY for hans to finish his work.(damn his colleagues. HOHOHO)
and suddenly got this CHINESE uncle.
we had a short staring incident.(he was checking me out from head to toe)
and the next thing i know
he was singing to me or humming a tune to me
in the following words..

i nearly fainted.
hans then further explained to me that in that area, there's hardly much ladies roaming around.
so lesson learn
DONT VISIT LITTLE INDIA ALONE. especially if you are of the female species.

ate our supper at newton instead of clementi.
probably he figured that clementi is a bit too far la hor.
we had lala, stingray, hokkien mee and fried oyster.
the uncle sitting on the next table was critising us
saying things like "we order so much.. later can eat finish" to his friends.

I know it's not nice to waste food.
but we ordered it. its not a buffet where we deprived others of their share.
besides we paid for it. if we dont finish it. we are the ones suffering.
and of the 4 dishes. everything was in small portion.
so needless to say.
WE FINISHED EVERYTHING. to the very last drop.
cause we were both THAT hungry.

tuition and clubbing tmr.
hope i wont tire myself too much.

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