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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm back to update on my HKG trip.

2nd day was a half day tour by the tour agency. Woke up at a freaking 6am to start preparing.
Had our yummy breakfast and headed over to Victoria Peak as our 1st destination.

Here's how the scenery looked like from the top.

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In case you are wondering, the haze did affect HKG as well. But the sight was breath-taking despite it being hazey.
And the tour guide mentioned about FengShui and the outer appearance of some buildings as well.

OH and Lots of famous/well-known people stay at Victoria Peak too!

We then headed over to Repulse Bay to look at God of Fortune (Cai Shen Ye) and Guan Yin etc etc...

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There was TONNES OF PEOPLE around.

The guanyin was REALLY big. Dont rmbr how many feet it stands at but its BIG. and we were told to touch the Cai Shen Ye to bring ourselves monetary luck.

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The Bridge of Longevity. It was told that everytime you walk across the bridge once, you lengthen your life by 3 days?(OMG 3 days only. must walk to and fro like siao!)

Not sure if its true, i only walked across it once. LOL, so not very significant enough!

There were lots of other stone statues located around repulse bay. All with different significance. You have common ones like FU LU SHOU. And some never-seen-before ones...
Those that is said to bring you luck, good fortune, money, love life and the list goes on....

We then headed over to some RIVER? PORT? the one where u can see the famous floating restaurant name "ZHEN BAO"

We then took the ferry/sampan to visit some of the people that actually stays on sea. Floating kampong?

Didnt take any pictures cause we were constantly moving, so hard to take pictures. And we saw lots and lots of YATCH too. Andy lau blah blah blah...

Our last stop was a jewellery shop where they have really nice designs. And they even had a fengshui master to help design some of their pieces to bring luck and fortune to the person wearing it!!

Had our lunch and went back to our hotel for some rest.
Took about an hour of rest or so and then we headed out again. walked around and soon find ourselves walking towards tsim sha tsui. and the best part was,

NATHAN ROAD WAS CLOSED. only for pedestrians!
closing nathan road was perhaps equivalent to closing our PIE.
Nathan road is like the main road that runs all the way through kowloon island.
And it was CLOSED ON 31OCT!!!

reason being it was china's national day. and people are all heading down to tsim sha tsui are to watch the fireworks.
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the buzzling night life of hkg.

reached the place and stood around. We were about an hour early so we stood around.
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people sitting down

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people walking around

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the only big deparment store still staying alive.

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a building with laser lights.

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and mySELF!!!

and then, after waiting for so long, we heard the 1st explosion!
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i became lazy of taking pictures of the fireworks cause i had to keep raising my hands up in the air. So i decided to take a rest and enjoy the pretty fireworks instead.
It was a whooping 26mins long!!

But i was beautiful. And the finale, was great too.
So cheers to china's 57th birthday.

Next up.

that's all for now!

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