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Sunday, October 15, 2006

And its goodbye to indochine.
though the OM did not officially approve my resignation.
But i did not submit my schedule for next week.
Meaning, he wont get the chance to SABO me into working.

Though i SERIOUSLY wont mind working F/L. at least, no committment!
Let's see how things go.
I've cleared my locker already. Leaving only the unimportant stuffs like the DAMN UNIFORM, air freshner and my working sling pouch.

It's kinda hard having to say goodbye to this place where i made so much friends.
But so many people have came and gone.
The what used to be enjoyable environment is now so dead.

I will miss all the fun i have there.
All the nights of drinking and drinking and drinking.
The nights of clubbing after work.
The times where we chill out at Balcony and played "7-up"
Visiting cineleisure and watching midnight movies.
And not to forget eating our hearts out at the night hawker centres.

I seriously am going to miss indochine.
*prays that fadlee lets me work F/L.

yippeee! hurray!!!FINALLY!!!
i so miss attending lectures(and sleeping through it)
and being the last few to attend tutorial classes.

This last week of holiday had somehow been more satisfying and fulfilling.
Other den my overseas trip.
Sun-tanning. Shopping. Tuition. Abit of working. Catching up with my friends etc...
And yes, i've watched like 3 movies already.

You, Me and Dupree. Touching and hilarious comedy.
The Departed. English version of Infernal affairs but in 1 episode.
The Guardian. Life-saving documentary in story format.

Watch The Guardian if you must. I liked it the most.

That aside, i had no idea how i have a 20cent size BLISTER ON MY FEET!
and it hurts like hell even when im not moving my feet.
Should i poke it? or let it burst by itself?
it really hurts a big deal.

that's all.
perhaps i should get another p/t job that requires less committment.

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