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Thursday, September 28, 2006

So the Singapore Idol 2 finalists were at Indochine (Bar Opiume) last night.
Oh yes, i took a picture with them too. But was pretty VERY VERY disappointed.

1stly, Hady was a bit unfriendly. Though he later did explain to us that it was because he had been busy the entire day.

Jonathan however was really friendly.
Me and aisyah approached them to get our pictures taken.
The picture that of us 4(Hady, Jon, Me and Aisyah) was bright and clear. BUT I WAS CUT OUT.
Thanks huh aidil!!! =(

I got the chance to take individual pictures with Jon and Hady.
Well, just take a look at the outcome.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I was really upset when i saw the pictures.
I had change the mode to night mode. I guess the friend was just impatient and wanted to faster get it over and done with.

ps : i know i spelled Jon's name wrongly in the picture. I was too upset. =(

Anyway, work ended and Reshma wanted to go out so badly. So we(me, farzea,aisyah,reshma,bird,botak and aidil) ended up at Insomnia(insomania. inside joke!)

Live band and really cute old woman.
Stayed till about 420 and we all went our separate ways.

Im almost done with packing my stuffs and i so cannot wait to go to Hong Kong.
Lots of people have asked me to buy things back for them. But there's a limit to how much my baggage can carry. So the priority will go to the more impt people first. =)

I still havent change money for my HKG trip though.
anyway, i subscribed to international roaming already. So you guys can sms/call me at my usual number. And if i am willing to part with my $$, i might MMS back pictures of the items that u guys want me to buy.

Getting really tired. Im still confused about the weather in HKG, so im stuck with what kind of clothes to bring there.

[*edits] seems like the weather is going to be very "singapore-like"just slightly cooler...
Which is good. =)

Anyway, gotta continue packing my stuffs. Lots of things to buy and to pack.
Will miss you guys.

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