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Friday, September 22, 2006

I've been back in Sg for almost 2 weeks.. and i havent.. YES I HAVENT met up with JA_E for a proper meetup.

I havent seen my closest frens for almost a month!! this is UNACCEPTABLE!!!
I feel so bad.. I want to meet up with them...

Before you know it.. i'll be leaving for HKG already.. that's like in another 8 days or so!
I cannot believe i have been such a busy person...

Anyway, that aside... work was okay.
Quite a lot of cock-ups today. Be it indoors or outdoors.
But on the whole.. it wasnt THAT busy...
considering i had time to gossip and chit-chat in the midst of it all...

adelene dropped a plate(note : clay plate) onto my TOE.
pain pain pain.
all i could do was jump around in pain.
But it subsided after a couple of mins. =)

Managed to squeeze in a quick meetup with Qi. I do mean quick. It was only 2 mins or less. So that she could pass me my Birkenstock.
FINALLY they arrived.

and my itchy hands didnt stop me from purchasing a pair of NECKERMANN at NODA. =(
i cant wait to see my paycheck for these 2 weeks.
Not to mention i'll be receiving my tips for the month of august too.
=) money money keep rolling in.

Mom's been complaining and grumbling about me working.
As much as i would love to quit. Sit at home, relax one corner...
But it can be BORING as well.
Not to mention the drop in cash flow and thus the reduced number of shopping trips.
I kinda like working. I must admit i am a workaholic on account that i do look forward to working.
For many other reasons as well other den monetary reasons.

I will come to a decision soon. Perhaps i will take a short 2 weeks break from work when school starts. Till then, i shall work.

My dry cough is killing me.
Cough till wanna vomit liao.
Shall try and sleep.

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