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Friday, September 29, 2006

its so tedious having to pack my stuffs.
holiday can be great. it can be tiring too.

so here's a quick run-through of what i have packed for my 5D4N hkg trip.

1 pair of jeans.
1 pair of capris.
1 pair of denim skirt.
1 racerback.
1 polo t.
3 t-shirts.
3 sleepwear t-shirts.
2 sleepwear shorts.
6 sets of lingerie.
1 pair of flats.

Bathroom necessities
8 pairs daily disposable contact lens.
1 half-btl travel size shampoo.
3 pkts trial size shampoo.
(I need GOOD shampoo for my hair!)
1 toothbrush.
1 travel size toothpaste.
1 travel size moisturizer.
1 facial cleanser.
1 baby powder.
A couple of sanitary pads.

1 hairbrush.
1 scrunchie.
1 2-way cake foundation.
1 blusher.
1 eyelash curler.
1 mascara.
1 eyebrow pencil.
1 concealer.
2 eyeliners.
1 lip balm.
3 lipglosses.
1 shimmer powder.
1 4-color eyeshadow palette.
1 pair of sunglasses.
1 pencil sharperner.

1 Handphone charger.
1 2-head plug.
1 vicks vaporub.
4 plasters.
1 pen.
1 pair of glasses.

My panasonic handphone.
My wallet.
My passport.
My keys.

If you think that i have somehow, duno how missed out some items that u SERIOUSLY think that i should/need to bring for my trip.
feel free to let me know. =)

i hate how firefox is unable to view my blog's layout prettily. it's so DISTORTED.
but i like firefox.
so goodbye IE.

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