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Sunday, September 10, 2006

i just came back from holiday.
i was about to upload the pics and start updating,
then my colleagues called me to tell me my work schedule for next week.
so here goes my planner for next week

Mon : 6pm to 1 am.
Tues : Ezann's bday.
Wed : 5pm to 1am.
Thurs : 10am to 1am.
Fri : 5am(or iszit 6pm??) to 1am.
Sat: Immelia's bday.
Sun : 5am to 1am.

I know my friends are gonna scream at me like crazy.
But i cant help it.
IMF is around the corner.
Lots of major functions and i need to help out.

In fact, some of you probably already know.
I'm working tomorrow(sunday)
My mom said im mad.
The moment i return from my holiday,im back to working.

But i cant help it.
Call me a workaholic, at least it gives me excuses to push away dates from certain people that i dont like. =)

Will update ASAP.
Lots of pictures.

and i will DEFINITELY try my best to meet up with as much friends as i can before i fly off to hong kong again.
Need to meet up to pass them the gifts i bought for them and of cause catch up abit.
Though i did sms a couple of people while i was in Chiangmai.

Do drop me an sms/call if you want to meet up before my work etc...
In fact saturday afternoon i should be free.
So let me know asap.
But do bear with me if i turn down your date cause i reckon i will be tired.
VERY tired.
i am massively unpacking all my stuffs.
Packing them into smaller bags.
And my clothings as well.
I need a shoe cabinet. (growl)

I miss all of you.
I really do.
but give me somemore time.

The following week should be much better, i will try to not work so much.
I need to meet up with my friends to gossip and catch up.
Lots of things to be done but SO LITTLE TIME

I will upate later on.

*muacks muacks muacks

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