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Saturday, September 23, 2006


cause she invited me over to watch SINGAPORE IDOL FINALS at Indoor Stadium tmr.

Okay, so i'm not an avid fan of Singapore Idol.. but hey, it'd be interesting to watch a "concert" live once in a while yea? After all, i did miss watching westlife live this year (weeks ago!)...

Though this 2 has no link wadsoever...

That aside.. My cough is still pretty bad...
Took 2 days MC from work. I know the manager is going to make a big fuss but heck. IM SICK. and i dont owe indochine a living.
If im sick. I take MC. I dont work.
its not like i get lesser workload or i get paid more if i work while im sick.

Dad and Mom has been pretty nice to keep asking me if im feeling any better. But judging from the severity of my cough, its pretty obvious that im not getting anywhere better.
But still, its a sweet little action.

Need to change money for my HKG trip already. Anybody knows a place with good exchange rates? Other den mustafa centre. OR golden mile.

Oh here's an incident that took place few hours back.
I was walking home when i saw my younger sister at a shop. So i stopped and asked a few questions before continue my journey home.
After taking about 10 steps out of the shop, an indian(supposedly a bangla) said "hi" to me. Out of courtesy, i merely gave a faint smile.

I continued walking home. Upon reaching the overhead bridge, i turn my head back to check which direction my younger sister went.
And all i see was the same bangla "WAVING BACK AT ME and calling me MISS MISS~~~"
I quickly turned my head back and started walking briskly.
I took a few quick turns to check if he was still behind and true enough, HE WAS FOLLOWING ME.
i speed up, hoping to quickly reach the shops where there was more crowd and people that somehow "knows" me...
And he was still calling out "miss miss"....

It did cross my mind that perhaps i dropped something.
So while walking briskly, i quickly ramaged through my bag and realised that everything is still in place. I quickly made a turn into Sheng Song Supermarket where it would be more difficult to spot me.

Thankfully, he missed me and couldnt find me.

But however, after exiting from Sheng Song Supermarket. (another exit) I SAW HIM AGAIN.
but this time, he didnt see. And i quickly made my way past him.

I seriously wonder what the fuck did he want with me.

Possibilities :
1. Ask for directions? [NEGATIVE. there were so many passerbys. plus there wasnt a need for him to FOLLOW me to ask for directions.]
2. Ask for money? [Probably. ]
3. Molest me? [In broad daylight?]
4. Want my number? [Whatever makes him think i am interested?]
5. Tell me something? [LIKE WHAT? i dont even know him!!!]
6. Return me something i dropped? [I've checked and i didnt lose anything?]


Insane. i think my sickness is getting to me.
Exactly 7 days till my HKG trip.
I hope i've recovered by then.

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