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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hmm, let see.
The weekends over. SO FAST HUH.
and tmr i'm back to work.
Yet to call up the restaurant to check my schedule for tmr though...

And my cough is getting better. (it has to..)
Met up with Joa and Ying for a little while to pass them the pressies from thailand.
And also to pass me the "The Rose" remaining 3 volumes.
Ate MR BEAN's ice cream.
Its yummylicious!

I'm thinking if i should cut or trim my fringe because its getting long.
but i had always wanted longer fringe.
I shall wait till i return from HKG before i make my decision.

I hope the weekdays will be over ASAP.
i so look forward to going to HKG.
well, i know its the SMALLEST and LEAST FUN disneyland in the world.
but its the CHEAPEST one that we can afford.
So no grumbles. =/

I'm contented that i get to go hkg okay!
Not to mention massive shopping. =)
I am so not used to shopping with a guy tagging along.
I hope i can throw him somewhere while i get my shopping done.

No to mention the tremedous food as well.
Dim Sum. Laopo Biscuit. Eggtart. Char siew rice. Porridge. Smelly tofu.

that aside.
Anybody know any place with good exchange rates.
hmm..owells, time for me to check out on my yahoo!auctions.

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