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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Bottom Line
Suddenly, confusing coincidences make sense ... now you know what you need to do.

In Detail
Financially speaking, you may be on relatively solid ground right now -- but it wouldn't hurt you to conserve a little bit more of your money. Cut back on some of your excessive spending and get more aggressive in your savings plan (you do have a savings plan, right?). Credit cards can be tempting traps, so don't use them at all today if you can help it. You've worked too hard for every penny to let even one slip through your fingers.

Fuck it man. To think i only read it AFTER i finish browsing thru yahoo!auctions.

Bet you can imagine the amount of clicking i did. THANK GOD i managed to put some of the items in my watchlist instead of bidding for them right away.
Guess, i shall save the money for HKG trip then...

but but
but but but..


and im going to get myself half a dozen pairs of daily disposable contact lens for me to use when in HongKong... I dont know how its going to be like looking so unfashionable in a fashionable country....

I shall go to bed now before i start buying more things.

a love-hate r/s with e-shopping.

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