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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

1) single, taken or crushing?
single taken AND crushing

2) are you happy with your life now?
i guess so?

3) when you meet the right person, do you fall in love with her fast?

4) you had your heartbroken?

5) do you believe there are some circumstances where cheating love is acceptable?

6) would you take someone back if he/she cheats on you?
technically NO. but being a stupid woman i am. YES

7) have you talk bout marriage with another person before?
many a times.

8) do you want children?

9) how many?
used to be 4. but now! 2 would be good

10) would you consider adoption?
yes and no. yes : no pain. no : no blood relations

11) if someone like you right now,what do you think is the best way to let you know his/her feelings?
indirectly forcing him to confess?

12) do you enjoy getting into relationship?
yes and no.

13) be honest,what is the furthest you and your ex did?
furthest??? talking about marriage and kids etc...

14) do you believe in love at first sight?

15) are you romantic?
i want to be romantic... i like ROMANCE

16) do you believe you can change someone?

17)if you could married somewhere, where will it be?
somewhere in Europe i hope

18) do you easily give in when you are fighting?

19) do you have feelings for someone right now?

20) have you ever wished you could have/had someone but you messed it up?
yup.. many times

21) have you ever broken a heart?

22) if one day your best friend fell in love with the boy/girl who you deeply in love with, what would you do?
i will bitch about it... LOL we have different tastes in men...

23) are you missing someone now?

To be done by another FIVE people..
Here goes.

1. Joa
2. Qi
3. Ying
4. Immelia
5. Joahn

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