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Monday, August 28, 2006

Work has been OKAY-LOH in the past few days.

Wasn't in the mood to return home on Friday night after work due to some personal matters.
Stayed out with my colleagues and had supper.
Had initial plans to head straight over to work(training) at 3pm on Saturday only to know that training has been cancelled.

Headed home at about 12pm to take a quick name before starting work at 6pm.
Decided to act "sweet and innocent" thus i plaited my head and wore my glasses and dress decently to work.
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Work was tiring but fun on the whole.
Bar Opiume indoor was having an exclusive function for Mr Dadani(i think that's how its spelled).
Celebrating his 60th birthday, this gentleman is a North-indian who owns many 5-star resorts all around the world.
Put it short, he is one F-king rich man.

Bar-related drinks were made difficult as we had no DIRECT-access to the bar. Had to make lots of detours etc to pick up drinks. But it was all great.

They had a sit-down dinner followed by partying.
The entire Bar indoor was playing with non-stop retro music.
While we restaurant staffs sat indoor to do our closing, the retro music was getting to ALOT of us.
Specifically, ME.

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I wanted to CLUB SO MUCH. the music they played was GREAT. i was grooving while wiping the glasses.
And so was Johan. LOL
in the end, we managed to jio a couple of colleagues to go clubbing with us.

Had a tough time deciding which club to go to. Some wanted MOS, some wanted Zouk.. We even mentioned Happy and Gotham. Frequent clubbers will know what kind of clubs are those. Anyway, we decided on MOS, since its the nearest to us(within walking distance).

Changed, grabbed a quick drink(beer) and off we go to MOS!!!
Walked our way there only to realise that im the only female species among the group of us.
Me, Johan, Saran(wine sommelier), Razak and Farzea.

Headed straight for some drinks before we all started grooving on the dance floor in the main arena.
Everybody was dancing. We were already high(on nothing)...
Halfway through, Saran went missing and we couldnt find him.

Started our mini-search to find him only to realise that our suitable canditates either
1. Are not black enough.
2. Had hair.

Gaved up our search after Farzea commented that Saran does that all that time, and we should just ignore his disappearance.

Moved over to Smoove and danced a few songs but it was FAR too squeezy.
There was even a funny incident.
We managed to move to a corner, and then me and johan saw this black box. Thinking it was podium, Johan took one step up (slowly) while i quickly went up. He then took a step back, such that he is now on the ground level and i'm on the "podium".
We were holding hands then. (in case i fall down la!)

He then commented that " luckily you are quite short"
I took a min to think, and then i looked up.
a few CM(s) more and my head will touch the top speaker.

I quickly stepped down from the supposedly podium.
no wonder no body was dancing on the big black box.

I had to say that Razak was the centre of attention cause of the big retro glasses that we managed to "kapok" from Dadani's party back at Bar Opiume.
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More dancing but quickly went back to the main arena where it had more space.
The lights den came on, signalling that its time to leave.
Time check : 5am.
Farzea was suggesting cup noodles at 7-11.
While we 3 suggested MACDONALD's BREAKFAST.

I quickly fell asleep after my sumptous dinner.
Cabbed home, slept and woke up for work.

So tiring.

Today, we all had a mini discussion and there's going to be another RETRO SESSION AT MOS SOON.
Either this coming Wednesday, Or Friday.
And of course, more colleagues too!

I so cannot wait.
Now, time to sleep.

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