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Friday, August 04, 2006

Skipped marking lecture on Wednesday.
Headed to the library with Yvonne and Charlene cause they needed to fill up the forms for the (something something) foundation to apply for financial assistance??

Anyway, we headed down to Orchard soon after.
Indulged in Gletaissimo?? The ice-cream shop right outside Isetan(Lido).
I tried the American Chocolate and Honey,Toffee and Malt.
While Charlene tried the Mango and chocolate mint.

The american chocolate tasted like this peanut cake that we chinese eat during CNY.
But the honey toffee and malt was good. A flavour u cannot get outside.
The mango flavour that charlene bought was HEAVENLY. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF U ICE CREAM LOVERS should really try it.
It taste as though u are eating one fresh mango. That's how mango`ish it tasted.
The choco mint was good too.
And they have quite a huge range of variety. About 20 flavours?

Walked over to Far East to shop around and also to pick up some stuffs. But the stupid woman told me its not ready yet.
And i rmbr vividly ( playback in my mind) how they CONFIDENTLY said it WILL be ready by wednesday, so if i need it by the weekends, it shouldnt be a problem.
And there i was, standing there, listening to her excuse, stating that her boss hasnt come down to the shop yet.
Needless to say, i gave a black face. I can be a very nice customer, but YOU told me that it will be ready by wednesday.
That aside.

I am still VERY VERY tempted to purcharse that multi-ways-of-wearing top from that small shop beside sheer romance on level 1. I cannot rmbr the name.
Perhaps one day, i will finally decide to lay my hands on one piece of that clothing. =)
Maybe after i come back from ChiangMai or Hong Kong.

Waited for Ezann to join us. Took the lift up to the 5th floor cause ezann said she saw Xu Zhen Rong and another lady with the camera crew. Seems like they were gonna film something.

Then i received a phone call. From GETZ tution agency.
News is, I GOT A TUITION ASSIGNMENT. details to be confirmed soon.
And i must say that the pay is good.
But hor, i must take bus to AMK Ave 10. -___________-
Why not AMK ave 8. Or ave 5. Nearer to NYP better ma.
Now, im waiting for her to give me a call to confirm the days and time.
I'm in desperate need for money now, cause my parents are not sponsoring me a single cent for my trip to Hong Kong. Though hans is sponsoring a huge amount for my air ticket and lodging. But he is not sponsoring my shopping spree in Hong Kong. He says i spend too much.


4 of us walked around, waiting for time to pass by before we can head over to Indochine.
Tried on hairbands and took quite a couple of pictures...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I love how these hairbands make me look so retro`ish. But they are SO BIG and somehow, they kinda mess up my hair rather den making it neater.

Headed to Indochine soon after for Ezann and Charlene to get interviewed and for Yvonne to get briefed.
Nothing much though. 'cept that Halim said he's gonna gimme one more set of uniform.
FINALLY!! after so long.........

Went to Plaza Sing to meet up with Mei Ying and Valarie. Lingyu and her friend was present too. Despite the many of us being out together. We conveniently forgot to take a picture.

Bought more earrings while we were at Dhoby Exchange.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Of which, i bought a pair of white square earstuds to try out. My ears are VERY SENSITIVE and my ear piercings are very low. So i cant exactly wear earstuds.
But however, they turned out looking great.(refer to the photo below.)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

now i got more earrings to buy. =)
The girls went up to the arcade and played some game. Where they spent(in total) almost 50 bucks to try and hit the jackpot.
But instead of hitting the jackpot, we won these.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Our indian friend made from mentos.
There was many other munchies that we won too. But they were not included in the picture.

Had the famous Fish soup a the food court. Watched Ezann and Charlene laugh continuously for 5 mins before they finally settled down. Over the issue of "humourous fish"

Hilarious, i should have video it down.

Wednesday was all in all. Short but fun. Hanging out with my classmates rocks.

Work on Thursday was boring. 'cept that i had one group of 17 guests SQUEEZING THEMSELVES into a table meant for 10 person.

PATHETIC i tell you.
Other than that, it was as per normal.
More updates tomorrow. After Evelyn's birthday celebration today and my midnight movie.

i know i am slow. =(

Till then,
miss me!

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