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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

lesson tmr at 8am.
need to wake up at 630am.
i am now awake at 2.40am.
will be sleeping at around 3am.(after the file transfer is done)
will be getting only 3.5hours of sleep.

plus i was so tired today, my double eyelids were barely noticeable!!!
today was RUSH RUSH RUSH.
Rush home.
rushed to school from home.
Rushed through my tutorial, and its still only halfway done.
Rushed through my final Oral Comm project. (THANK GOD)

I cant wait for tmr to be over.
im tired.
and i should be shifting over to livejournal soon. Most probably after my exams when i have the time.
The password thingy cant stay for long. I need a permanent "lock" for my more private entries.

Till then.

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