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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

just so you know.
you have always been loved. =)

that aside.
ELF ARRIVED!! whoopie.
met up with the "elf girl" to get my stuffs.
Im so excited. I wish i have 10 face so that i can try out all the new makeup that i purchased.
I will post the pics up in the next entry.
Together with the pics we took when i went clubbing on Fri night.

Anyway, my niece turns one year old today!! (28 August)
I wished her happy birthday but she just looked at me and tell me she wants to eat.

in less than a week, i'd be OUT OF SINGAPORE!!!
and i havent met up with my frens for ages.
GOSH i miss all of you.

my classmates dyed their hair, but i have yet to see how it looks like.
Other den friendster pictures.
Haven't sms them too.
Hmm... been kinda lazy to contact everybody else.

Work hasn't been all that tiring.
It's the first time i work CONSECUTIVELY for a week or more.
It's not an uncommon sight for people working in the F&B line.

mood hasn't been too good cause of some minor changes in life that i am able to cope with.
so many times i have heard myself saying
"how i wish i could turn back time"
but i wont regret. I wont feel regretful about my actions.

"Don't claim that you love me, when all you did was to hurt me"

I'm sleepy.
Meeting up tomorrow for Lunch.


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