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Monday, August 14, 2006


but its partly cause i need to study for my upcoming exams that will take place on the 17,18th,21st and 23rd of August.

After which its back to work.

Gonna head over to the library and start on my revision.
The upcoming holidays is going to be packed with activities.

I'd be flying over to Chiangmai on the 31st of August(end this month).
And i'd return on the 12th Sept.

Of which i will return back to work.
Work is going to be HELL because of IMF.
and all the major functions that will be on-going.

After the IMF period, i will fly over to HongKong
Most probably end of sept or beginning Oct.

That's if Mr. Ng finally decides to stop annoying me.
And that im back to talking terms with him.

Very packed schedule ahead.
But i so cannot wait.

Been doing alot of buying in the past week too.
Notice i didnt use the word RETAIL therapy?
cause i didnt shop at any retail stores.

Bought a pair of hand-made shoes.
2 belts.
1 Fox Skirt.
1 shorts.
Ordered a Dress.
and CK one perfume.

Strangely, im not in the mood to head over to HKG anymore.
But for the sake of DISNEYLAND and VERY VERY cheap shopping.

I'm in a good mood becaues my nails are painted.
YES after so long...
its self-manicure again...
They are now maroon in color.
=) kinda matches my outfit (black-red) for today.

And im off..

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