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Monday, August 21, 2006

i studied a little bit for my statistic paper later on.
i got the time of the paper wrong.
thank god yvonne sms me to tell me that we are meeting at 1145.
this is the kind of mistake that one cannot make during examination period.

silly but severe blunders.
imagine i turned up in school at 8am instead of 12am.
that's a whooping 4 hours difference.

anyway, i am still waiting for my video to buffer finish.
the last of all the episodes.
alright alright. I'm abit slow.
but hey, i finally found time to watch it.
if you are looking for a good laugh,
you can find LOTS, numerous amount of funny videos on youtube.
alternatively, if you love reading jokes,
feel free to hop over to

nope, i don't get paid for advertising. LOL but i daresay that I've read EVERY SINGLE joke in that website.
A good way to kill time AND cheer yourself up(if you are having a bad day)...

anyway, im so addicted to miss swan right now, i cant get enough of the vids.
I am even beginning to imitate the way she talks.

oh, and we made our bookings for our hkg trip already.
But right now, i realized that my chiangmai trip is just

if you have anything you wish to get from Thailand.
feel free to drop me a mail, together with your "shopping list".
and also highlight the more important/high priority items.
i will TRY MY BEST to get it for you.
but hor, you have to pay me a small amount for the items first.
Cause im not going to bring $$ there.
Everything will be paid for by my mom.
I will return you the balance(if there's any), or collect the outstanding amount when i return from Thailand.
ONCE AGAIN, i cannot guarantee you that i can get you EVERYTHING/MOST of the things u want... I will try to fulfill your shopping list.
Because i will be staying in the village with my grandparents
and i will only travel out to the town area every few days.

I will appreciate it if you try to make things easier for me also. Purchasing of footwear will be rather difficult unless its slippers.
Clothing wise, do send me pictures of your desired(similar) designs.
and of course your sizing.

So do drop me a mail.

other than that, there shouldnt be any more problems.

and now
till then. =)

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