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Monday, August 07, 2006

i must admit that it was really sweet of you to pick me up at such unearthly time.
considering that u had to wait for more than an hour.
and that u took a quick nap in the car before fetching me.

and that u actually told me
"you have been over-working yourself. try to get more sleep"
when i took a short 3mins nap during the drive.

i an indeed jubilant to witness such changes in you.
but they came forth a tad bit too late.

why does it to have occur at a stage,
where i have already built up an immune system against you.
preventing myself from getting hurt.

Thanks alot.
but there's nothing much that i can "feel" about it...
these feelings have come to a stagnant point.
im sorry, not for you, but for myself.
That i cannot experience such TLC from you
when i so longed for it.

I will update soon.

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