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Sunday, August 20, 2006

An I entry.

I finished preparing 1 hour earlier den planned.
I wore fake eyelashes today.
I met up with Gabrielle to collect my bag.
I went down to Indochine for training.
I had chocolate fudge sauce smeared on my face.
I had some chocolate fudge sauce on my hair.
I left after work briefing to head to Dhoby Ghaut.
I wait for Qi at Dhoby Exchange.
I walked around and bought 3 pair of ear-studs.
I met up with her and headed over to Fish and Co.
I shared New York Fish&Chips, Mussels and Calamari with Qi.
I walked along orchard road together with Qi.
I saw Qi bought a white color top at Cineleisure.
I bought a black V-neck top from Forever21.
I took the train back home together with Qi.
I haven't started studying for my Stats exam.
I feel sleepy.
I like my new white handbag.
I love my earstuds.
I am completing my Thailand/HongKong shopping list.
I am ending this entry here.

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