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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I bought a new pair of flats.
and now IM a very happy girl.
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This is the design on my flats. It's a VERY DARK brown in color, making it almost black. (think dark chocolate)

I love how the butterfly is layered on to the shoe. SO PRETTY!!!

all IM missing out on a pair of red wedges/ red heels.

no more presentations.. No more rushing of projects.
*pats myself on the back.

came home to watch The Lakehouse but my mom was pressing me to run some errands.
in return, she pays for some of my toiletries when we went to Watson.
I have this weird fetish of browsing in Watson.
and this is wad I bought!!!

Cracked Heel Cream.
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Sudden Attack of Cracked heels. Must be due to negligence la. And the contant wearage(is there such a word) of all sorts of shoes.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cleanser
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I'm not a fan of FAIR FAIR SNOW-WHITE LIKE skin...
and don't be deceived by the word fine fairness. Fair means the skin's clarity and translucence.

T3 Body Scrub.
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I'm trying this body scrub 4 the first time. I used their acne body wash before which was pretty good. And besides, it is PURPLE IN COLOR. I meant the package.
It comes with Apricot seeds too. Hope this works as a very good body exfoliate!
Or I'd have to revert back to Body Shop.

Time to be a good girl and start doing and catching up on the tutorials I have been missing and also do some revision.

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