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Sunday, July 02, 2006

you so totally rock my ass.(aye, u do get wad I mean la hor...)

Time check : 4.11am Sunday 2 July 2006

Just reached home from a midnight movie.
Watched Superman Returns. It's a totally "unpredictable" show where you so totally cannot foretell that the world is gonna go through some catastrophe and Superman is going to save the world yet again.

And you so totally cannot believe that there is those bad-man characters out there to harm and kill Superman.

Blah blah blah...

It's a pretty long show though. Almost 2.5 hours... It's OH-KAY. Some parts can get pretty dull and boring and makes u sleepy, cause I nearly fell asleep. (perhaps cause its late at night)
Maybe that's also another reason why I stopped watching Superman(the cartoon)...

That aside, went to Bugis alone(YES I SAID ALONE!!! CAUSE NOBODY WAS FREE TO GO OUT!! BOOOO) and shopped for a little while.

Check out the things I bought. =)
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One black tote bag.
11 pairs of earrings.
SHUT UP. I know I have too many pair of earrings.
Out of the 35 pairs from the previous lot, of which 4 was given away, and I had worn 2 of it. It leaves me with :
29+11 = 40 pairs of new earrings waiting to be worn.

I'm a sucker for accessories.
I NEARLY bought 3 necklaces. THANK GOD I DIDNT.

PORTUGAL WON!!! The game was boring. OUTRAGEOUSLY BORING. And Rooney was such a thug to push christiano ronaldo (OH SUCH A CUTIE). He DEFINITELY deserves the red card, even though he is a great player.
You gotta hold your temper you know!

Anyway, IM losing the World Cup feel already. I'm working on the night of the WC finals. Though Bar Opium will be showing it. BUT IM WORKING. I cannot SIT/STAND THERE for 90mins watching the entire soccer match right???

Just a couple of random pics. (p/s BLOGGER REALLY SUCKS. it refuses to let me upload pics again)
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MY beef noodles.

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My green tea pudding with red bean dessert.
Dinner at DIN TAI FUNG with tofu on Thurs. =))

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What I wore today. I love this black top. I bought it on thurs. NICE HOR. I meant the top!

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Shall end off here. Getting late + I'm tired.

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