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Monday, July 10, 2006


its time for updates.

Friday was short. 1 hour of accounts lecture and 30mins of oral comm.
Was giving a briefing for our 3rd ICA speech.
It's a group's speech this time round. I would much rather prefer it to be done individually since I prefer to do things at my own pace and at the timing I like.
But owells, groupwork cant be avoided in poly. =))

Celebrated the July babies birthday. 7 July.
Here's how the cake looked like.

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NICE HOR!!! lol managed to eat one mouthful of it. One cake for 30 people to share. Quite pathetic la..
But considering im gonna keep eating cake every month. It's best if I don't eat too much also.

Went home straight after to caught a nap before heading out for work.

Decided that my dressing theme for the day shall be "sweet".

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So how? Do I look sweet and demure?

Work was GREAT! Oh, I mentioned it was great already har. BUT ITS REALLY GREAT?
Though the briefing at 6pm was bloody long. (almost 45mins)

And M was in a "bad mood" so Francis had to start making fun of me again. I shall not go into details here.
But there wasn't much crowd.

Everybody made me felt so welcomed. Even the new staffs that never see me before.
Though I thought that the food-runners were pretty fearful of me, for reasons which I don't know.
Maybe I look fierce. So they walk FAR FAR away from me once they see me.
Perhaps, they are scared I will eat them up. BUT IM FRIENDLY and nice.
Maybe they don't like happy and jovial people like me. =(

Transport came at freaking 2.30am and I only reached home at 3.30am.
SO LATE LA... I think must complain. Transport arriving later and later... Last time 130.. Den 200.. Now 230!! WHA LAU... How to sleep.

Training on sat was laid back. It was more of a "meeting" rather den a proper training. Yazid resigned and so his duties were taken over. So Karun somehow was telling us about how he's gonna be dealing with the "new tipping system" etc etc etc...

I must say that I appreciate the effort that he puts into brainstorming.
But I wanna see actions. ( I guess waterfront staffs will know wad im talking about.)

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James ( a new captain.) and WenQing.
I happened to take a picture of them during training. So I posted it up. And I accidentally cut off the poor buddha's head. *sob

Saturday's dinner operation was even better. Over-staffed and no crowd. And I was working INDOORS. *WOOHOOOO

Tini made me turn-over indoors ASAP. Though i asked her not to stress me, i said i will stress myself and do it ASAP. Managed to do it in around 30mins.
I'm so proud of myself. It's only my 2nd day at work.

Stayed up to watch Germany VS Portugal. I knew Germany wouldn't let me down. GO GERMANS. And they even put OLIVER KAHN down for that match. i love this guy. I started supporting Germany cause of Oliver Kahn.

It's a long story as to why i started liking him. And im kinda lazy to explain it now.
3-1. Germans managed a 3rd placing in the World Cup. =))

Sunday was BAD. I was too tired( due to the lack of sleep) and cause my feet was killing me.
My leathers shoes didn't allow my feet to breathe and cause i was ZOOMING here and there, i accidentally twisted it...
(Note that i used ZOOMING. Cause it was raining and there were many guests sitting indoors.)

Thank God there was too much staffs. Ramesh didn't hesitate when i requested to leave at 11pm. Hans picked me up and sent me home. *YAY

But my feet hurt so badly i had problems with that few metres.
Right now, i have about 8 blisters in total.
Thank God they've dried up. I need to visit Chinatown soon to buy a pair of black shoes made of CLOTH so that my feet can breathe.

Stayed up to watch the FINALS. How can anybody miss it. Its the FINALS?
Both finalist are BLUE teams. But i told Hans " i support the team that is going to wear blue jersey".
AND ITALY WORE BLUE. okok, i wanted Italy to win.
And so they won, after a 5 - 3 win in the penalty shootout.

I look forward to working. BIG MONEY BIG MONEY!!!

now, will everybody, all that is reading this, CLAP AND CHEER FOR ME!
LOL, but he was kinda shocked when i told him I've spent almost 500 bucks in the past month in Singapore.
still, he cant go back on his words.

Oh, and before i forget. Here's the 11 eyeshadows that i bought 2 weeks ago.

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Notice the 4 plastic bags. They are actually free samples which the seller gave me. If you are interested in the colors ( mainly blues and greens ) and would like to take a look. You can msn/sms/call/email me and i will give u the link to the webby.

It's cheap. She charged me at only $2.50/ color. And instead of 30 applications, i think each color can last me about 50 applications instead?

I've used some of the colors and its good.
It's actually mineral makeup. But its good la. If i say its good, its good. LOL

Now, im waiting for my ELF products to arrive.

In the meantime, miss me!

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