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Sunday, July 16, 2006


quick update.
im not gonna go into details about i wasnt able to come online is the past 2.5 days.

friday was a short day like always. hans picked me up for lunch headed over to CWP. KOREAN FOOD. finally........

if any of you likes korean food. the korean stall at the food court in CWP serves really good korean food.

After which we den headed home. yes he came over to my place to help and try to fix the com. But problem wasn't solved. So he left for home since he gotta work later in the evening too.

Took a quick 45mins nap and headed for work soon after.
it was busier compared to last friday. And stupid me, got the table numbers wrongly counted ( initially it was correct, after some movement of tables, i counted wrongly -____-).

Thus resulting in the short-charging of one bloody bottle of white wine. And indochine has EXPENSIVE WINES. bloody hell.

( i think it was sauvignon blanc. dont think it was chardonnay)

I volunteered to pay for that freaking bottle of wine. Well, its my fault anyway. But this francis. OMG la.... i dont know what is wrong with him. i dont know if he WANTS to pay or he DONT WANT to pay...

I said i'd pay... and he just walk away saying" there goes my holiday... there goes my holiday" (he's going to taiwan next week for a holiday)...

So wad is wrong with him?? i volunteered to pay wad!!! Weird supervisor.

Anyway, nothing much on friday other den that fateful wine incident.

Checked my bank account and realised that my pay came in. FINALLY, they are adopting this method of paying our salary. DIRECT TRANSFER.

=)) so now, i dont have to wait till monday/tuesday before i get my pay.

Training was short and simple. Knew most of the things when i was working back in C.A.N cafe. Trainng was on Coffee and Tea. So i knew how to make the normal drinks like cafe latte, cappucino, irish coffee etc etc...

Checked the setup, changed, and got ready for dinner operation. BLOODY HELL. Instead of being a station runner, the manager made me the "door bitch".

Obviously, it refers to the hostess. Meaning i show guests to the tables, i seat the guests, i handle the guests... blah blah blah...

And since im of such good-temper, they shouldnt call me a door bitch, they should call me something else... something nice like

anyway, not much problems cause it was my first day as the hostess and the captains and sups were really nice to help me breakup tables and teach me...

=)) thank god it wasnt busy cause all the long table decided to no-show...

And i wiped 10 racks of glasses+goblets last night.. that's 250 glasses + goblets... Yes, i was so bored i counted the number of racks i wiped... HAHAHAHA

fell asleep in the transport cause i was really tired.
finally got my network back up.
read through all my emails and quickly edited some of the marketing project before sending it back to my classmates.

im really tired.

pictures in my next entry. =))

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