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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

IM sitting here. In front of my computer, enjoying a little mug of hot lemon honey.

IM kinda lazy to do my econs tutorial. But I will do it soon. Had a longgggggg afternoon nap.

all taken on Friday.

during our Accounts Lecture.
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don't ask me why she looks constipated.

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I know yvonne is smiling funnily. I don't know why. why not u ask her???

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she just cant take normal pictures with me. -________-

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somebody sneakily took a picture of yvonne. No its not me I swear!

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girls in the toilet. We all visit the toilet in one big group. The lady in pink is my classmate. But err.. I don't know who is that lady in white going into the cubicle. And I DIDN'T TAKE THIS PICTURE.
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oh and this is the cute guy that yvonne's been eyeing. He looks really cute in person. 'cept he has this very protruding ears that looks abit monkey`ish.

now FAST FORWARD to Monday.

was really tired from work when I woke up on Monday morning to rush to school.
had to do some finishing touches to our marketing report and powerpoint slides.
it was abit too much of "finishing touches" that we girls had to for-go a proper lunch and make do with sandwiches.

was the 1st group to do the marketing presentation and boy am I glad. Since we are done with everything, why not just quickly present, get it over and done with it.
I mean if you did your part in the project, you should know your stuffs well enough to do the presentation and not have to keep "rehearsing my your speech"

not to mention I was the only one in the entire group that tackled the 2 questions posted by our tutor. BAH

I hate free-riders.

skipped the econs lecture again cause I wasn't feeling well. HEY I REALLY WASN'T OKAY. why else do u think IM sipping on hot lemon honey now?
My throat hurts terribly.


Hans picked me up from school today despite my lesson ending one hour earlier. LOL my lessons ALWAYS end earlier on Tuesdays. Anyway, headed over to my place for lunch followed by movies.
Checked more websites for the rates for our HKG trip too. And I conveniently kept dozing off on my bed. LOL!!!!

The movies I rented weren't all as good as I thought they were.
Chicago was probably the best of the 3.
Wet dreams 2 is simply lame. I don't even know why is it NC-16. Perhaps cause the topic itself is sensitive.
A series of unfortunate events is not that unfortunate. I was hoping for like a SERIES as in bad things just keep happening like every minute or so... But its not.

Exams in another 4 weeks.

more pictures soon. =))

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