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Sunday, July 02, 2006

im back AGAIN.

i know this is the 3rd entry for the day? oh 4th? AIYA I CANNOT RMBR LE LA...
anyway, i need to make a trip to XIAO YIN DU (LITTLE INDIA) soon. *points to the 2 bushy things above her eyes.

$5 only. who wanna go with me? Im available from tues to fri. Afternoon please.

And perhaps walk to Mustafa Centre see if there's any cheap things i can buy.
I know i shop at the weirdest places (like little india, chinatown blah blah blah). But trust me, its in all these weird places where u lay your hands on cheap and good stuffs. Not to mention unique too.

And these places serves as an excellent place to shop when u are utterly sick of Orchard Road/Bugis/Marina/Suntec etc...
That's if you DO NOT mind the non air-conditioning environment, squeezy people, smelly people etc...

Anyway, drop me a tag/comment/msn message/sms/call if you wanna go lil india with me okay!!!
I dont wanna end up having to go there alone.

And both my sisters just conveniently called me up to tell me that my the other sister has lost her phone.

younger/older sister calls : "EH XZ ARH!!! i think JIEJIE/MEI MEI lost her handphone leh"
ME : " har? lost den lost lor.. you tell me for wad"
younger/older sister : "because... just now i call hor.. den got one indian pick up the phone leh"
younger/older sister : "YAH... den he talk .s,(^$76fhbopi)**754.... den i cannot understand"
ME : "hmm den wad u want me to do"
younger/older sister : "duno? okay la... byebye"
*end of call

both of them said very similar things. so my conclusion is that...
there was a phone interference.

now, i shall surf the net... and see if there's anything nice that i can CONSIDER buying. No more buying/purchasing for me. SHOPPING ENDS.

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