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Saturday, July 29, 2006

i had initially typed a whole lot of things here.
and my IE hanged thus the entire entry is gone.

but i decided, i shall leave him some privacy.
though im going to pw my blog from now on.

this shall be the last public entry to all before i implement the password function.

all my close friends/ classmates/ ex-class mates/ colleagues/ school-mates/ blog friends /ANYBODY...feel free to ask me for the password.
i have already thought of the password.
so you can start asking for it now!
This blog is password-ed mainly to prevent ONE certain someone from reading.

and by chance he managed to FINALLY find my blog address.
so instead of changing/moving my blog.
i shall password it.

in the meantime,
i guess, i shall let myself go through another cooling period.

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