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Friday, July 07, 2006

I cant sleep.

There's tonnes of things bothering me.
Lots of thoughts are running through my small peabrain.
I'm getting very emotional.

But its not PMS.
Something is wrong. I've been having very weird dreams.

I hate reading blogs and all i see is how lovely dovey couples are.
(no offence imms. i hope u get wad i mean)

My relationships sucked.
So much so i wish i can get out of them almost as quickly as how i started them.

Everything's wrong.
After all these years. You still can never give me what i've always been asking for.


I'm upset that im not getting it.
I'm depressed that after so long, you still dont get it.

I wish i can suck all these thoughts out from my brain.

Where is my Prince Charming?

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