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Friday, June 23, 2006

Woke up today with this feeling
That better things are coming my way

And if the sun shines has a meaning
Telling me never to let things get in my way...

Woke up feeling terrible. Wasn't in the right mood for anything. Took a quick shower and proceeded to do a facial mask hoping to cheer myself up.

The damn mask left my face so "moisturize" that it feels almost sticky. YUCKS.

Bad start for a good friday. Walked out of my room and realised there's a small puddle of water at my door step.


my niece wears pampers so she cant possible urinate there. WAD'S WITH THE PUDDLE OF WATER AT MY DOOR STEP!!! i didnt bring any drinks in/out of my room so i couldnt have spilled any.

I look up, above the door, and found it.
The pipe leading from the study room is LEAKING~!!!!


Told mom about it and she switched off the air con. BLOODY HELL. it was so fucking cold inside. Probably 18 degrees. No wonder the pipe was leaking.

Mom was being nice today.(not so naggy) Maybe cause she strike 4D la... So she cooked something nice for me to eat as BRUNCH. Played with my niece and she kept drooling on my legs.

Wanted to sleep off the entire day since im feeling so moody. And the worst part is...
MY BLOODY COM KEEPS LAGGING. i got so fed up i went to restart it.. And then,

Meaning the com took 20 mins before i can double click on something and it responded immediately. The rest of the time it was busy reading and running some programs.

And i had to change some of the settings such that they wont run upon startup.

Sucky Day eh.

I was about to roll on my bed and take a quick nap when my mom came and tell me "UR DRESSING TABLE COME LE"

FINALLY! something to cheer me up.

It's BIG. I mean it has a BIG MIRROR! And its a sliding mirror too, that allows me to put stuffs behind the mirror! WHOOPIE!!

and there's 3 drawers. Now that i'm done packing, i realised that 3 drawers is ALOT. The 1st and 2nd drawers are hardly filled up and the 3rd one is empty. LOL

Im so in love with my dressing table i wanna sleep with it. And to make things even better. The 1st drawer comes with a LOCK!!


and only ME, MYSELF, SHARMAIN has the key to it... Unless some bugger decides to BREAK IT!!!

For now, i'd just sit and admire my pretty dressing table from afar.
Perhaps i should get more makeup to fill up my drawers. =))

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