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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Woke up feeling all grumpy due to the late night I had previously.

Argentina didn't win as I expected them to. Goals were all pretty early in both the games.
And I still cannot believe that Germany is ranked 19th in the World according to this FIFA statistic. *pulls hair...

Like I said, woke up feeling all grumpy and tired. Had 2 mini char-siew pau(s) and proceeded to prepare to meet joa.

Original plan for the day :
Meet Joa for lunch at Sun Plaza + return the VCDs

However, plans changed just mins before I left the house.

Change in plans :
Meet Joa for lunch at Sun Plaza + return VCDs.
Meet Imms at Orchard.
Meet Hans for dinner.

One minute im complaining how it is to be coped up at home the entire day(Saturday). Next min im meeting 3 different people in a single day.

Maybe that sudden "homework mood" I had last night was cause there's going to be more plans for me today. LOL
So now, all im left to do is my frontpage photo galleries. *WOOHOOO

So plans went accordingly and I met Joa for lunch. Had fishball noodles which I didn't finish. I only ate the 3 gigantic over-sized fishballs with a couple of slices of fishcake and 3 mouth of meepok?

My appetite has shrunk all of a sudden again. *3 cheers for that
Walked around before we both finally head off to town to meet our respective "dates".
More bitchy gossiping while on the train before I finally alighted at Orchard to meet up with Imms.

That charbor finally satisfied her craving for XXL chicken. Since im the one who caused her to have the craving, so bobian I got to accompany her to Far East lor...

Walked over to Cine to play Time-Crisis 2 where their system tends to lag a bit cause it doesn't react to my "reloading" and causing both me and imms to die in the early stage of the game.
Waited for her to finish 1 round of DDR before we head to Taka for our rational Watsons shopping.

Bought quite a couple of stuffs and MAKEUP too. Since Watsons is having a sale, so I bought quite a handful of stuffs. Was contemplating if I should get the Loreal Mascara that I had been waiting for but in the end, figured that I didn't like it that much, especially after the testing done on Imms.

So I forgo the mascara and ended buying 3 liquid eyeliners.
I know I have a lot of eyeliners but the colors were really lovely. Besides its a SALE. CANNOT DON'T BUY!

Bought a couple of other things. Left Watsons to head over to Zara.
We were then walking pass the sensors in Watsons when the sensors started to sound. Since I aint not shop-lifter, I waited and see if anybody was going to approach me to check my stuffs.

Looked around, nobody bothered but I continue to wait. One of the promoters in Watson was looking and smiling at me, of which I reckon was giving me the "nah, just ignore the sensor and walk away" look.
Imms finally persuaded me to just walk away since NOBODY attended to me and my supposedly "stolen goods".

Enter Zara and then the sensors in Zara went off as well. This time, both me and imms were pretty sure that it HAS to do with the stuffs in my hands. MY WATSONS BAG.

Flipped through the stuffs and came to a conclusion that the cashier didn't scan the barcode on my 3 eyeliners but instead, merely key in total amount that was written on the "hand-written receipt" that the makeup promoter gave me.

Ignored it and walked around Zara. Saw a really nice t-shirt. It looked FABULOUS in the white color, but not that nice on the black t-shirt so I didn't buy it. (note : sharmain don't wear white)

Walked out of Zara and well, my stupid eyeliners sent the sensors going off again. This time the security checked my watsons bag and let me leave.
We then proceeded to tear out the dumb barcodes on the eyeliner to prevent any more sensors going off.

Forever21 was our last stop. I wanted to buy soooo many t-shirts.. But they are always not available in darker colors. What a letdown. Hans arrived and parted with Imms soon after.

Walked over to Paragon and had Spaggedies for dinner(even though that fella vowed never to eat pasta again after that soccer match which Italy lost)...
didn't exactly finish my food so I gave him a couple of mouthful.
Appetite's really shrinking.

But it's bad that my appetite increase and shrinks any-o-how.

Left Orchard and drove to AMK to get his car washed. It was SOOOO dirty...
And finally homeSWEEThome.

Just a couple of pics from the day.(*stupid blogger had problem uploading my pics so i had to use photobucket AGAIN).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

hmm, don't you think that my eyes seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Perhaps its my face that is getting bigger and bigger.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*PS I have no idea why are there white "dots" on my jeans in the above picture. the preview etc is alright... i think blogger is mad...

I know the pics are kinda dark. But they're nothing. Just pics of wad i wore today. *laughs

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Imms and ME. i look W-E-I-R-D...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Things that i bought today : Watsons tissue paper, 3 sheet masks, Pocky(strawberry flavour), Plastic hairclip and 3 liquid eyeliners.

My total spendings for the day, including my meals totals up to roughly $50.

I've spent almost $100 on makeup in 3 days. BOOHOOHOOOOO

and i have to do my dumb project now.

*OH! and hans, thanks for waiting outside forever21 while i was taking my own sweet time.

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