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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two down. One left to go.
Hope the dumb Frontpage Presentation will go smoothly as well.

The much dreaded ICA2 extremely boring SPECIAL OLYMPICS speech is finally over. I was trembling while speaking. It wasn't nervousness, it's cause of mother's nature. I needed to pee so urgently that i was trembling throughout that "never-seem-to-end" 4 mins.

Thought i might have done pretty badly cause i could somehow hear the trembles in my voice. BUT IT WASN'T NERVOUSNESS. I SWEAR.
Some of my classmates said i did really well. I dont know. Can somebody show me a playback?
I'm not the best speaker, but i daresay im a confident speaker(no matter how sucky my speeches can be).

Out of my 6 modules, i've already known the results for 3 of them.

Statistical Theory - A
Principles of Accounts - A
Oral Communication - A
Macroeconomics - TMR!
Internet Technologies - UNKNOWN
Marketing - Unsure.

Our tutor said most of us scored As / Bs for our marketing ICA. I hope to fall in the A range la... She'd only reveal to us our individual results next week(monday). What a letdown.

Anyway, i received this letter from CPF board today. It's about ME being a new CPF member.
DID ANYONE OF U RECEIVED IT TOO? if you do, let me know alrights.

Cause i dont know why am i receiving it all of a sudden. HAHAHA

Time for some nice dessert that my mama cooked. *yummy

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