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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sometimes, i hate knowing that the dateline is (fucking) near and that i have to rush through my work.

But at times, i like the idea of last min work because I'm able to complete what i was supposed to complete in HALF the time. And that im able to produce good(read: not BEST) quality work still.

Though i cant say the same for group projects.
I dont want to touch on my FrontPage project cause it's bloody unfair for me to do so much and my group-mates to do nothing. But i cannot possibly do that to sabotage the team.

Should i find a date today to go out with me cause im really not in the mood to do any work at all. Besides, its a WEEKEND, a SATURDAY!!


Oh and if any of you have a GOOD p/t job offer, do let me know. Im trying to find another p/t job. I dont enjoy being much working under a gay manager. No, i really do mean gay(read : homosexual).

I'm so NOT AGAINST homosexuality. but im definitely AGAINST a gay man who gossips so much(read : male gay bitch). And im talking about gay-gay here, those that humps the rear? not the sissy guy kinda gay. =))

I WANT TO GO SHOPPING! (other den shopping online)

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