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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shall do a little
"what I did today" post... Since im so bored right now..

Woke up in the morning and as usual, I switched on my PC's monitor. (yes my com is on almost 24/7)...

realized that I had no internet connection. Thinking its the usual problem, I refresh, refreshed and kept refreshing but the linksys connection didn't appear...
Okay so I thought it might be some starhub problem... Left the PC as it is and headed to do my usual morning routine.
Had prata for breakfast. Yummy. =)

Checked my com again, still no signal. Aiya since im going to school le, im not that bothered.
Lesson was supposed to be from 8-10(POA) and 10-12(Oral Comm).
POA was e-tutorial so my lesson is only from 10-12. BORING.
Lesson started at 1010. And ended at 1030. WTF!

20 mins of tutorial. That's less than the time taken for me to travel to school. URGHS~!
had our June Babies bday celebration.
Slacked and waited for time to fly by before I can meet that some1 for my lunch+movie date..
Meeting time : 1145
Called me at 1215 to say that he is still at Kovan doing something.
THE EMPRESS DOWAGER den decided "alright, lets not meet okay. Simple. And I wont waste any more time waiting. im too pissed off and fed up and I don't want to meet you"
"cannot, I wanna meet you.. blah blah blah babble babble babble"

Arrival time :1245
"Eh I reach le.."
THE EMPRESS DOWAGER den said "so? I already said not meeting you le wad...blah blah blah babble babble babble"

note 1 : I don't understand why people cannot understand that I DON'T LIKE TO WAIT!
note 2 : I don't understand which part of "I don't want to meet you" do people not understand? I believe im speaking in English?
note 3 : when a woman's pissed off, especially the EMPRESS DOWAGER, u don't jolly well try to do things your way. Accept how she want things to be done and then BACK OFF.

*shakes head.
Men and Time. They never get it do they?

went home straight after that and switched on my monitor again. STILL NO NETWORK.
WHA LAU, something must be wrong right. So I tried and tried. Restart the program. Restart my PC. Still cannot leh...

Then I heard my mom complaining that my dad was grumbling about not being able to connect to the internet in the late morning so I decided to head over to the main PC and check it out.


so there problem solved. =)
sometimes people just tend to overlook minor things like that. hahaha!

took a little nap(main aim was to sleep off my anger).

Woke up and watched "nu ren wo zhui da"..
I wanna do my hair prettily leh!!!

Started playing with my niece and then she got really rough and started slapping my glasses and eventually causing my glasses to break.
I scolded her upside down. YES she was crying. And I threw my tantrum(like always)...

Now I have no glasses to wear. TERRIFIC. I cant see no nothing with my old glasses (the degree is only 350. my current degree is 475)...

Had to strain my eyeballs while watching TV and doing my tutorial. Im blind enough. FUCK

My mom decided to stray my niece away from me (smart idea) but that didn't stop me from banging of the doors and throwing of things. I AM SPOILT, SO WAD??

Now i gotta wear my contact lens every morning, or at least until I get my new glasses done. Which should be soon otherwise the whole family will be living in a very solemn environment.

Term break coming up. So many things to do.
- Oral Comm "special Olympics" ICA speech.
- FrontPage "Food Catering" project.
- Marketing "Starbucks" project.
- Study for Statistic Topic B ICA2.

I had initial intention to work. Looks like, I might take that thought out on account that I am so L-A-Z-Y.

Tonnes of things I want to accomplish ASAP.
1. Movies
- She's the man
- Over the hedge
- X men 3
- The Benchwarmers
- Cars
- Click
- Fast & The Furious
- Pirates of the Caribbean 2
(sorry tofu, no 'The Omen.')

2. GSS
- Makeup (foundation, mascara*, concealer)
- Shoes (HEELS! and pumps)
- Non-denim skirts
- Facial Products
- Accessories (im still waiting arrival of my 35 pairs of earrings. *GRINS)

3. Birthday Gifts

so many things to be done yet so little money.
oh ive been playing with my photoshop the past few days.. HAHAHAH
so here's a pic, signifying how much guys turn me off these days...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and with that, id end here.
wad a lousy day...

EVEN Blogger has to spoil my day. Had problems uploading my photo.
i cant wait for friday for some retail therapy.
which means yes, i HAVE to work.

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