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Friday, June 02, 2006

Patience is a virtue.

So now i have one more virtue. HAHAHA

unbelievable but please believe that I, the impatient miss Sharmain Tang actually spent 4 hours teaching/coaching/tutoring my classmates on Accounts yesterday afternoon.

I had to teach 3 different people at one go.
Repeating everything i've said 3 times.
Going through and reading the quetion 3 times.
Explaining 3 times.

I never knew i could be so patient.

And i still remember vividly how i had hid myself under the table back in secondary school to escape from the bombarding of questions from my classmates back then.
How i had snapped at them when i had to repeat myself.
How i had simply wave my hand at them and say "CAUSE ITS LIKE THAT"

I had been such a bad girl.

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