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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lucky lucky lets get lucky.

YEA, my mom's been really lucky! She strike 1st prize TWICE in a week. On Sunday(18/6) and Wednesday(21/6). Im not going to say how much she won la, in case somebody decides to kidnap me and ask for ransom.

(though i know im not easy to kidnap)

It's definitely not a HUGE sum, but its not a very little la.

My mom only revealed this good news to me and my dad but not to my sisters. Because they will keep asking her for money once they know about it. And she asked me not to spill it to my sisters.

Bet many would think that I'd prob ask my mom for some money since im low on cash now, or i can ask her subsidise abit of my HK trip in October. But that's not wad im going to do.

I DONT ASK FOR MONEY. I never do. Especially not from my mom.

Hans and Joa said i should since its 1st prize and she won it twice somemore. And since i dont normally ask her for money, no harm asking her for money now?

And since she volunteered to pay for my VERY CHEAP($30/mth) starhub phone bill and buying(on her own account) a new dressing table for me. I dont see why else should i ask for money already.

Besides, she needs to send money back to ChiangMai for my grandma. And she suggested going back to Thailand during my sister's Sept holidays(i dont need to pay). YIPPEE!!!

So i guess, there REALLY isnt a need for me to ask for money. RIGHT?
Im old enough and if i need money, i can always work(though i don have the motivation)


I'm a good girl. So why does she calls me evil?

Anyway, it doesnt matter whether she gives me extra money anot since i already dont have the habit of asking her for it...

Im blogging this out because i refused to start on my Special Olympics Speech.
HAHAHA... i feel happy all of a sudden...

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