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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Listening to "old" songs that's playing on my media player.
Couldnt help but reminisces.
Songs that was on repeat mode on the CD player when me and imms were still working in Le meridien.
Songs like "Tamale", "No Daddy", "We Belong Together", "My Humps" blah blah blah...

Right now... I cant help but look back at half a year ago where we were so "free"...
Though we had frequent complains about that ever so annoying boss of ours, but at least, work was fun(overall) and we get to look pretty everyday.

Now i look at my wardrobe and think, why would i need to dress so nicely to school.
I own tonnes of accessories which i hardly wear ( other den earrings)...

This entry is pretty random.

My previous entry was about patience. Yet this entry im going to grumble on how much i cant stand late-ness.

OH YES. i simply CANNOT tahan late-ness. Especially if its a repeated offence.
Normally i give grace time of up to about 15mins. I mean i can understand if u miss the train/bus/left the house late...
Blah blah blah...

But it's NO EXCUSE for anybody to be late for 1 hour EVERYTIME we meet.
1st time, i bear with it...
2nd time, i tell u dont be late the next time...
3rd time, i give warning...

After which, i will throw my tantrum. Whether you like it or not, i will yell/scream at you until u finally learn to be punctual.
I will continue to wait at the destination place,
if you call up to tell me you're reaching, i will simply say "I'm going home now. You can go _______ yourself or go anywhere you like. Byebye"

If you however didnt call but just simply show up, i will still say the same thing.

Who in the world are u to keep ME waiting for so long.
And i will keep repeating wadever i am doing to you until u learn to be punctual.


Humans always learn through the hard way. I never understand why people never have a sense of timing. Is it really that hard to be punctual?

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