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Saturday, June 24, 2006

IM FINALLY DONE WITH MY SPEECH! though there's some parts i'd have to rephrase/edit but im kinda lazy now.

Work to be done.
1. ICA2 speech
2. FrontPage Project(photo gallaries)
3. Accounts Tutorial
4. Probability Revision
5. Marketing Project
6. Econs Tutorial
7. Marketing Tutorial

OMG. i need to complete those in BOLD RED by TOMORROW.

And i will know my ICA results on Monday. DREADFUL. i hope i did well. *prays for all A(s). I wont make do with poorer than a C grade. In fact, i should dread getting a B.

'Nuff ramblings about school.

I so wanted to get out of home today but in the end i stayed home. Whole 24 hours.

A really nice friend asked me out for talk-cock-sing-song session, and even volunteered to accompany me to Sun Plaza to return the VCDs and borrow new ones.
But sorry la.. today the TAI HOU has no wish to spend any $$. Though he said that he dont mind buying the french fries and me snacking from it.


But cannot la.. i feel bad, since he's not my bf somemore. And my Bf's not even so nice to me.

Anyway rejected his offer. Kinda regret it but hey, it made me ramage through my book shelves and i found "YOU GOT SERVED"

Hahaha.. Almost forgot i had the VCDs so i pop it into my com and watched it.
Great show.

I think, i need to visit SunPlaza more often.
Transamerica up next. Once i managed to steal the laptop over to my room.
I think, i need to start downloading movies soon. *MUAHAHAHAHA

Time for me to find something to do.

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