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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I so cant wait for IT lesson to be over tomorrow.
I just realised that of all my 4As (YES I GOT A FOR MARCO-ECONS TOO!!!) so far, all 4 are a whooping DISTINCTION(80 and above)..

LOL, come on, congrats me....!!!!

it's such a great feeling to know my grades are good again.

I know i've been complaining alot recently. To those that i've been meeting up with, especially that certain somebody.

And i must say that i think this person will NEVER learn!
I'm evil so im cursing this person to fail during the exams.

And im so glad that the tutor is grouping us up for the Econ's project. *praise the lord!

Everything in my life is back to normal.
Nothing fucked up nor any cock-ups.
Nothing new and excisting.

BUT, i've been having alot of REALLY BAD dreams.
Dreams that Joa tells me its a bad sign.
Dreams that i think is a bad omen.
And everything around me recently somehow seems to trying to tell me something.

CHEATING. i so fucking hate this word.

Oh! give me back my peace and serenity.

And the CPF thingy is nothing. CHEY!!

My movies are done. Now let me watch them.

Take away the pain within.
Free me from your touch.
It leaves me gasping for air
Acts of pretence or sincerity
Guesses i wont make.
Nobody hurts me anymore
I need to regain my identity.
One that will leave all
Bowing in my awe.

My words comes down like a thousand tonnes.
So dont you even try.
One wrong step, you take or make.
I will not turn back no more.

including you.

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