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Monday, June 26, 2006


and so Argentina DID win the match.
I have a very foul mouth. Whatever i says, always come true. At least so far it has for this World Cup.

Couple of people were nagging at me saying why am i doing so much for the Frontpage Project when its a group work. Since i already did so much le, just forget it la.. Besides, thursday's the deadline, it'd be pointless if i decide to not do anything at all and then we end up not being able to submit it.

Well, guess, the 2 girls just have to finish up the "leftovers"... It's better den not doing anything. Though i must admit i did quite alot. Almost 75% of the entire webpage.

I'd be sleeping soon. After I'm done watching BANNED COMMERCIALS.
School's starting in a couple of hours.

Much-dreaded STATS ICA2!
Not to mention ICA1 results too.
And i'd be skipping the Econs Lecture.

Hmm... i so cant wait for my makeup to arrive.
I shall stop buying makeup & facial masks for now. Too much and too many for me to even use finish in a a couple of months.

I really should start buying clothes instead.
Time for beauty sleep.

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